Neil Diamond "The Best Years Of Our Lives" (1988) -Soft Rock-

Label : CBS Records

01 - The Best Years Of Our Lives (Neil Diamond)
02 - Hard Times For Lovers (Neil Diamond)
03 - This Time (Neil Diamond, Jeremy Lubbock & David Foster)
04 - Everything's Gonna Be Fine (Neil Diamond & Weldon Dean Parks)
05 - Hooked On The Memory Of You (Neil Diamond)
06 - Take Care Of Me (Neil Diamond & David Foster)
07 - Baby Can I Hold You (Tracy Chapman)
08 - Carmelita's Eyes (Neil Diamond & David Foster - Spanish Lyric by Humberto Gatica)
09 - Courtin' Disaster (Neil Diamond & David Foster)
10 - If I Couldn't See You Again (Neil Diamond)
11 - Long Hard Climb (Neil Diamond, Tom Hensley & Alan Lindgren)

Album Produced & Arranged by David Foster 
Mixed by Humberto Gatica
Chief Recording Engineer : Jeffrey "Woody" Woodruff
Additional Recording by Humberto Gatica, Jeff Balding & David Reitzas
Assistant Recording Engineers : David Reitzas, Ray Pyle & Jesse Kanner
Assistant Mixing Engineers : Laura Livingston & Mauricio Guerrero
Strings Arranged by Jeremy Lubbock
Horns Arranged by Jerry Hey & David Foster
Album Production Coordinators : Sam Cole & Chris Earthy
Recording Studios : Chartmaker Studios (Los Angeles), Lionshare Recording Studios, Village Recorder, A&M Recording, Ocean Way Recording, Omnisound Recording Studio (Nashville) & Seacost Sound (Victoria, B.C.)
Mastering Facility : Sterling Sound (New York)
Mastered by George Marino

Musicians :

Keyboards : David Foster, Tom Hensley, Alan Lindgren, David Paich, Michael Omartian, Michael Boddicker & Robbie Buchanan
Guitars : Dean Parks - Acoustic & Electric, Michael Landau - Electric, Steve Lukather - Electric & Richard Bennett - Acoustic
Drums : Paul Leim, Tris Imboden & Carlos Vega
Bass : Reinie Press & Mike Brignardello
Synthesizer Programmers : Rhett Lawrence, Rick Bowen & Kevin Maloney
Horns : Jerry Hey, Larry Williams, Gary Grant, Dan Higgins & Bill Reichenbach
Background vocals : Bill Champlin, Richard Page, Renee Geyer & Tamara Champlin