Heatwave "Current" (1982) -Soul Funk-

Label : Epic Records

Drapeau du Royaume-Uni 01 - Lettin' It Loose (Rod Temperton)
02 - State To State (Rod Temperton)
03 - Look After Love (Rod Temperton)
04 - Naturally (B. Blue & R. Smith)
05 - The Big Guns (Rod Temperton)
06 - Find It In Your Heart (B. Blue & R. Smith)
07 - Hold On To The One (Rod Temperton)
08 - Mind What You Find (Derek Bramble)

Bonus Track

09 - Lettin' It Loose (12" Version) (Rod Temperton)

Produced by Barry Blue & Johnnie Wilder Jr.
Recording & Mixing Engineer : Peter Walsh
Executive Producer : Dick Leahy
Recorded at Utopia Studios, Marcus Music, CBS Studios UK-London, England ; Criteria Studios-Miami, Florida
Assisting Engineers : Al Stegmeyer, Tim Palmer, Tim Hunt, Patrice Carroll, Neil Black, Richard Goldblatt & Mark Chamberlain
Mixed at Larrabee Sound Studios-Los Angeles, CA
Assistant Engineer : Judy Clapp
Technical Assistance : Warren Weinberg & Squeeky
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York, NY by Greg Calbi
Rhythm & Vocal Arrangements : Rod Temperton, Barry Blue & Robien Smith, Derek Bramble
Synthesizer Arrangements : John Cameron, Rod Temperton, Robin Smith, Derek Bramble

Heatwave :
Keith Wilder : Vocals
Ernest (Bilbo) Berger : Drums
Keith Harrison : Keyboards, Synthesizers & Vocals
Calvin Duke : Keyboards, Synthesizers & Vocals
Johnnie Wilder Jr. : Vocals
Derek Bramble : Bass
William L. Jones : Guitars & Vocals

Guest Artists :
Carl Carwell
Noel McCalla
Bernard Fowler
Louis Price
Leee Jones
Ashley Ingram
Ralph (Love) Atkins
Paulinho Da Costa : Percussion
Greg Phillinganes : Piano Solo on "The Big Guns"
Herbie Hancock : Synthesizer Solo on "The Big Guns"