Lou Ann Barton "Old Enough" (1982) -Soft Rock-

 Label : Elektra / Asylum Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - I'm Old Enough (Frankie Miller)
02 - Brand New Lover (Marshall Crenshaw)
03 - It's Raining (Naomi Neville)
04 - It Ain't Right (Walter Jakobs)
05 - Finger Poppin' Time (Hank Ballard)
06 - Stop These Teardrops (Lavell White)
07 - The Sudden Stop (Bobby Russell)
08 - The Doodle Song (Frankie Miller)
09 - Maybe (Richard Barrett)
10 - Every Night Of The Week (Ted Jarrett)

Produced by Glenn Frey & Jerry Wexler
Recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, Sheffield, Alabama
Engineered & Mixed by Steve Meltan
Additional Engineering by Mary Betch McLemore

Musicians :
Guitars : Wayne Perkins, Ducan Cameron, Jimmy Johnson, Jimmie Vaughan & Glenn Frey
Keyboards : Barry Beckett & Clayton Ivey
Bass : David Hood
Drums : Roger Hawkins
Percussion : Tom Roady
Horns : The Muscle Shoals Horns
Trumpet & Arrangements : Harrison Calloway
Trombone : Charlie Rose
Tenors : Harvey Thompson & Walter King
Baritone : Ronnie Eades
Saxophone Solos on "It's Raining" & "Stop These Teardrops" by Al Garth
Tenor Solo on "Finger Poppin' Time" by Greg Piccolo
Background vocals : Glenn Frey, Lenny LeBlanc, Eddie Struzick, Cindy Richardson, Ava Aldridge & Lou Ann Barton
Background vocals on "Finger Poppin' Time" by The Flemtones