Rick Springfield "Songs For The End Of The World" (2012) -Soft Rock / AOR-

Label : Universal Music Enterprises / Frontiers Records

Drapeau de l'Australie 01 - Wide Awake (Rick Springfield & Matt Bissonette)
02 - Our Ship's Sinking (Rick Springfield & Matt Bissonette)
03 - I Hate Myself (Rick Springfield & Matt Bissonette)
04 - You & Me (Rick Springfield, Matt Bissonette & Ron Cohen)
05 - Gabriel (Rick Springfield, Matt Bissonette, Roger Carter & George Bernhardt)
06 - A Sign Of Life (Rick Springfield & Matt Bissonette)
07 - My Last Heartbeat (Rick Springfield & Matt Bissonette)
08 - Joshua (Rick Springfield & Matt Bissonette)
09 - Love Screws Me Up (Rick Springfield & Matt Bissonette)
10 - I Found You (Rick Springfield, Matt Bissonette & Bobby Hartry)
11 - Depravity (Rick Springfield & Matt Bissonette)
12 - One Way Street (Rick Springfield & Matt Bissonette)

Produced by Rick Springfield & Matt Bissonette
All Songs Recorded & Engineered by Matty Spindel
Digital Editing : Shaun Evans
Music Editing : Eric Caudieux
Audio Pre-Production on "I Hate Myself" : Jim Bullota
"I hate Myself" Downloadable Bonus Track
Announcer : Ralph Burrison
Additional Engineering : Jason Vandergriff
Recorded at The Black Logoon, Malibu, CA
Basic Tracks Recorded at Henson Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Henson Studio Assistant Engineer : Martin Cooke
Mixed by Chris Lord-Alge at Mix LA
Assistant Engineers : Keith Armsyrong & Nik Karpen
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound

Musicians :
Rick Springfield : Guitars & Lead vocals
George Bernhardt : Guitars
Matt Bissonette : Bass, Keyboards & Background vocals
Rodger Carter : Drums

Additional Guitars on "Wide Awake", "I Hate Myself", "Sign Of Life" & "Love Screws Me Up" : George Nastos
Additional Guitars on "You & Me", "Love Srews Me Up" & "I Found You" : Tim Pierce
Additional Guitars on "Sign Of Life" : Dan Strain
The Drum Whisperer & Percussion : Ron Grinel
Additional Vocals on "Our Ship's Sinking", "One Way Street" & "My Last Heartbeat" : Richard Page
Additional Vocals on "Our Ship's Sinking" : John Waite
Additional Vocals on ""I Hate Myself", "Sign Of Life" & "Love Screws Me Up" : The Bar Room Gang (Neil Citron, Rodger Carter, Wayne N. Sousa, Delious Kennedy, Joe Taylor, Jeff Gross, Ron Grinel, Laura Wolverton & Paul Trudeau)