Galdston & Thom "American Gypsies" (1977) -Westcoast Rock-

 Label : Warner Bros. Records / Warner Music, Japan

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - When The Silence Stops (Phil Galdston & Peter Thom)
02 - American Gypsies (Phil Galdston & Peter Thom)
03 - Savannah Sunny Sunday (Phil Galdston & Peter Thom)
04 - One More Time Around The Block (Phil Galdston & Peter Thom)
05 - No One Gave Me Love (Phil Galdston & Peter Thom)
06 - Why Don't We Live Together (Phil Galdston & Peter Thom)
07 - Sweepin' It Under (Phil Galdston & Peter Thom)
08 - Everybody's Goin' Hollywood (Phil Galdston & Peter Thom)
09 - It Won't Work (Phil Galdston & Peter Thom)
10 - A Life Of Time (Phil Galdston & Peter Thom)

Produced by John Simon, Phil Galdston & Peter Thom
Horn & String Arrangements by John Simon, Phil Galdston & Peter Thom
Orchestrated & Conducted by John Simon
Gerald Block, Chief Engineer
Recorded & Mixed at Sigma Sound Studios, N.Y., Nov. '76 - March '77
Additional Engineering : Michael Hutchinson
Assistant Engineers : Carla Bardini & J.D. Stewart
*Rhythm Tracks Engineered by Tony May
Recorded at Media Sound & Generation Sound Studios, N.Y.
Additional Engineering : Alan Varner
Assistant Engineers : Doug Epstein, Bob Clearmountain & Chris Fichera
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, N.Y.

Galdston & Thom :
Phil Galdston : Tom Tom, Organ & Keyboards
Peter Thom : Mandolin, Harmonica & Guitars

Additional Musicians :
Jeff Mironov & Arlen Roth : Guitars
John Siegler : Bass
Timmy Cappello : Synthesizers & Tenor Saxophone
John Simon : Orchestration, Arp Synthesizer, Keyboards & Bass Trumpet
Richard Crooks : Drums & Percussion
Sue Evans : Percussion
Crusher Bennett & Jimmy Maelen : Congas
Dave Bargeron : Trombone 
Claudio Roditi : Trumpet
Michael Brecker, Howard Johnson, George Marge & Lou Marini : Saxophone
Sanford Allen, Harry Cykman, Harold Kohon, Charles Libove, Guy Lumia, Joseph Malin, David Nadien, Gene Orloff & Matthew Raimondi : Violin
Peter Dimitriades : Violin & Viola
Harry Lookofsky : Violin & Concertmaster
Alfred Brown & Harold Colletta : Viola
Jesse Levy & Charles McCracken : Cello
Jim Dawson : Vocals
Kasey Cisyk, Lani Hall, Hilda Harris, Yolanda McCullough & Joey Ward : Background vocals

01 - When The Silence Stops

Richard Crooks for openers. Arlen's (Roth) string extravaganza. Solo on Hawaiian Lap Guitar. Tom Tom Organa by Phil Galdston. Quasi-mandolins by Peter Thom

02 - American Gypsies

Special Guest (and special thank to) Jim Dawson on Vocals. Phil Galdston on Additional Drums & Phased Electric Piano

03 - Savannah Sunny Sunday

Jeff Mironov on Electric Guitar. Percussion by the very rhythmic Sue Evans. Background vocals by Kasey Cisyk. Synthesizer textures & Solo by Timmy Capello. Peter Thom on Harmonica

04 - One More Time Around The Block

Doo Top by Arlen Roth, Timmy Capello, Phil Galdston & John Simon. Bass voices by Phil Galdston, John Simon & Chuck Magruder. Dueling Dippers Timmy Capello & Arlen Roth share the solo.

05 - No One Gave Me Love

Kasey Cisyk, Joey Ward, Ellen Bernfeld, & Peter Thom SING! John Simon steps out on Bass

06 - Why Don't We Live Together

Jimmy Maelen on Congas, John Simon plays ARP. Lani Hall, Hilda Harris & Joey Ward harmonize. Phil Galdston on Tom Tom. Thanks to The American Song Festival

07 - Sweepin' It Under

The G&T Soul Chorus: Hilda Harris & Yolanda McCullough. Solo & Slide Guitar by Arlen Roth. Sax Solo : Timmy Capello

08 - Everybody's Goin' Hollywood

Richard  Crooks rolls on Tympani. Stairwell snare : Phil Galdston, Peter Thom on Harmonica. Technicolor backgrounds : Joey Ward

09 - It Won't Work

Crusher Bennett on Congas. Yolanda McCullough & Hilda Harris sing backgrounds. Guitar Solo by the Arlen Bros. Two, count 'em. Two sax Solos by Timmy Capello. Coda Keyboards by John Simon. Synthesizer Effects by Phil Galdston

10 - A Life Of Time 

Horn & String Arrangement (and good Vibes) by John Simon. Obligato Sax by Timmy Capello. Dedicated to our parents