Firefall "Break Of Dawn" (1982) -Westcoast Rock / AOR-

 Label : Atlantic Recording Corporation / Wounded Bird (WOU 6002)

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Break Of Dawn (Jock Bartley)
02 - Body And Soul (Chuck Sambataro & Paul Crosta)
03 - Falling In Love (Chuck Sambataro & Paul Crosta)
04 - Always (Chuck Sambataro & Paul Crosta)
05 - In The Dead Of Night (Jock Bartley & Anderson)
06 - It's Not Too Late (Jock Bartley)
07 - Take Me Back (Chuck Sambataro & Paul Crosta)
08 - Fall For You (Chuck Sambataro & Paul Crosta)
09 - Suddenly (Jock Bartley)
10 - Don't Tell Me Why (Jock Bartley)

Produced by Howard Albert & Ron Albert for Fat Albert Prod., Inc.
Recorded at Criteria Studios, Miami, Florida, Spring 1982
Engineered by Ron Albert, Howard Albert & Chuck Kirkpatrick
Assisted by Patrice Carroll & Wolf Hutson
"Don't Tell Me Why" Co-Produced by Ron Albert & Howard Albert for Fat Albert Prod. And Jim Mason for Next Coast Productions
Track Recorded at Mountain Ears Studio, Boulder, Colorado, May 1981
Engineered by John Aldridge & Steve Strassman
Arranged by Firefall & Fat Albert
Executive Producer : Allen Jaconi for Falling Fire Productions, Inc.

Firefall :
Jock Bartley : Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, Background vocals, Lead vocals on "Suddenly" & "Tell Me Why", Vocoder on "Suddenly"
John Sambataro : Lead vocals, Background vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Solo on "Fall For You", Electric Piano on "Take Me Back"
Chuck Kirkpatrick : Background vocals, Electric Guitars, Solo on "Break Of Dawn", Electric Piano on "Suddenly"

With :
Joe Galdo : Drums, Yuca Chips & Roland
Tris Imboden : Drums on "Tell Me Why"
Arnold Paseiro : Bass
Richie Goldman : Bass on "Always", "Dead Of Night" & "It's Not Too Late"
Kim Stone : Bass on "Don't Tell Me Why"
Alain Salvati : Synthesizers, Synthesized Strings & Flutes, Acoustic Piano & Dogg
Joe Lala : Percussion

With Special Appearances by :
Stephen Stills : Vocals, Electric Guitars & Acoustic Piano
Rick Roberts : Additional Background vocals
David Sanborn : Alto Sax
David Muse : Harmonica, Flute, Synthesizer & Vocoder on "Dead Of Night" & Synthesizers on "Don't tell Me Why"

Strings Arranged by Mike Lewis, Jock Bartley & John Sambataro
Strings Conducted by Mike Lewis
Cello on "Suddenly" by Ingus Naruns