Craig Doerge "Craig Doerge" (1973) -Soft Rock-

 Label : CBS Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Yellow Beach Umbrella*** (Judy Henske)
02 - Reno (Judy Henske)
03 - Rosalie* (Judy Henske)
04 - Dogs Are The Only Real Christians** (Judy Henske)
05 - Easy On Me, Easy (Judy Henske)
06 - Fair Weather Friends* (Judy Henske)
07 - Red Hot Music (Judy Henske)
08 - The Trouble With A Woman* (Judy Henske)
09 - Magic Sam (Judy Henske)
10 - Raggedy Ann (Judy Henske)

Produced by Larry Marks
Strings & Horns Arranged And Conducted by Peter Matz
Recorded by Robert Appere at Clover Studios, Hollywood, California
Mixing by Robert Appere
**Mixing by Ed Barton
***Mixing by Tom Knox

Musicians :
Drums : Russ Kunkel & Jim Keltner
Bass : Leland 'Lee' Sklar, Buddy Clark & Ray Brown
Guitars : David Spinozza, Danny Kortchmar & Larry Carlton
Keyboards : Mike Utley & Craig Doerge
Percussion : Julius Wechter, Tommy Reynolds & Simon Nava
Harmonica : Peter Ivers
Moog : Degree
Horns : Harry 'Sweets' Edison, Abe Most & Herbie Harper
Background vocals : William Smith, Abigale Haness, Patrice Holloway, Charles Higgins Jr., Wedge Majestic, Donny Gerrard, Bill Martin, Russ Giguere, Maureen Sklar, Caroline Howe, Jay & Judy Rome, Lily Heart, Josephine Silva & Napoleon Smith