Phillip Francis Stumpo "One Man Circus" (1978) -Soft Rock-

Label : Billetdoux Record Group / Bandiera Music

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Losing Your Tatse For It All** (Phillip Francis Stumpo)
02 - Don't Hold Back Your Loving** (Phillip Francis Stumpo)
03 - Lying Next To Me* (Phillip Francis Stumpo)
04 - (Wedding Song) For A Special Lady* (Phillip Francis Stumpo)
05 - One Man Circus* (Phillip Francis Stumpo)
06 - Pamela* (Phillip Francis Stumpo)
07 - Changes* (Phillip Francis Stumpo)
08 - The Man She Sees In Me (Phillip Francis Stumpo)
09 - Just A Matter Of Time** (Phillip Francis Stumpo)
10 - Now They Say You're Leaving* (Phillip Francis Stumpo)

Produced by Bruce McCoy
Associate Producer : Phillip Francis Stumpo
*Recorded at Wally Heder Studios, San Francisco, CA
Engineered by Steve Malcolm
**Recorded at Sunwood Sound Studios, Newport Beach, CA
Engineered by Bruce McCoy

Musicians :
Drums : Bart Hall & Bruce McCoy
Percussion : Bruce Healey, Bruce McCoy, Kenneth Nash & Phillip Francis Stumpo
Bass : Tom Childs, Larry Walters & Paul Zaro
Pedal Steel : Joe Goldmark
Guitar : Rich Briggs, Jack Eskridge, Mike Pedersen & Phillip Francis Stumpo
Keyboards : Smith Dobson & Bruce Healey
Vibes : Brian Atkinson & Bruce Healey
Trumpet : Brian Atkinson & Gary Halapoff
Trombone : Dana Wheaton
Alto Sax : Greg Huckins & Tom Ranier
Tenor Sax : Charlie McCarthy
Flute : Charlie McCarthy
String Quartet Violin : Ed Persi & Roxi Persi
Viola : David Turovsky
Cello : John Acosta
Other Strings : Brian Price
Backing vocals on "One Man Circus" : The Hamm Sisters
All Other vocals : Francis Phillip Stumpo
String Arranged by Bruce Healey & Brian Price
Horn Arrangement : Brian Atkinson & Bruce Healey