Wilson Phillips "Wilson Phillips" (1990) -Soft Rock / Adult Contemporary-

 Label : SBK Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Hold On (Chynna Phillips, Glen Ballard & Carnie Wilson)
02 - Release Me (Wilson Phillips)
03 - Impulsive (Steve Kipner & Clif Magness)
04 - Next To You (Someday I'll Be) (Darryl Brown, David Batteau & Madeline Stone)
05 - You're In Love (Wilson Phillips & Glen Ballard)
06 - Over And Over (Wilson Phillips & Glen Ballard)
07 - A Reason To Believe (Tim Hardin)
08 - Ooh You're Gold (Wilson Phillips & Glen Ballard)
09 - Eyes Like Twins (Rupert Hine & Jeanette Obstoj)
10 - The Dream Is Still Alive (Glen Ballard & Wilson Phillips)

Produced by Glen Ballard
Executive Producer : Charles Koppelman
Recorded & Mixed by Francis Buckley
Vocal Arrangements by Wilson Phillips & Glen Ballard
Rhythm Arrangements by Glen Ballard
"Impulsive" Arranged by Clif Magness & Glen Ballard
Recorded at Studio Ultimo, Los Angeles
Mixed at Garden Rake, Los Angeles
Additional Recording at Record One, Westlake Audio, Sound Castle, Music Grinder, Ocean Way Recorders & Lion Share, Los Angeles
Technical Director & Mix : Greg Loskorn
Additional Recording by Julie Last, Gabriel Moffat, Tom Biener, Rail Rogut, Clif Magness & Glen Ballard
Second Engineers : Daniel Bosworth, Darryl Dobson, Bill Malina, Ric Butz & Graig Johnson
Assembled by John Arrias at J&B Studios
Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering
Production Coordination : Jolie Levine
Charts Prepared by Orion Crawford

Wilson Phillips :
Carnie Wilson : Vocals
Wendy Wilson : Vocals
Chynna Phillips : Vocals

Musicians :
Drums : John 'JR' Robinson
Bass : Jimmy Johnson
Guitar : Michael Landau
Keyboards : Randy Kerber & Glen Ballard
Percussion : Paulinho Da Costa

Our extended family of musicians included :
Joe Walsh : Solo Slide & Rhythm Guitar on "Impulsive", Additional Rhythm Guitar on "Hold On" & "A Reason To Believe"
Bill Payne : Organ on "The Dream Is Still Alive" & "Impulsive"
Steve Lukather : Solo & Rhythm Guitars on "A Reason To Believe" & Solo Guitar on "Eyes Like Twins"
Neil Stubenhaus : Bass on "The Dream Is Still Alive"
Clif Magness : Rhythm Guitar & Keyboards on "Impulsive"
Abraham Laboriel : Bass on "You're In Love"
Basil Fung : Rhythm Guitar on "The Dream Is Still Alive"