Pages "Future Street" (1979) -Westcoast Rock-

 Label : Epic Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - I Do Believe In You (Richard Page, Steve George, Jerry Manfredi & John Lang)
02 - The Sailor's Song (Richard Page, Steve George, Jerry Manfredi & John Lang)
03 - Take My Heart Away (Richard Page & John Lang)
04 - Future Street (Steve George, Jerry Manfredi, Richard Page & John Lang)
05 - Who's Right, Who's Wrong (Kenny Loggins & Richard Page)
06 - Chemistry (Jerry Manfredi, Steve George, Richard Page & John Lang)
07 - Two People (Steve George, John Lang & Richard Page)
08 - Keep On Movin' (Jerry Manfredi, Richard Page, Steve George, Charles "Icarus" Johnson & John Lang)

Produced by Bobby Colomby
Arranged by Pages & Bobby Colomby
Engineered by Michael Verdick
Assistant Engineer : Scott Singer
Recorded at Location Recording Service, Burbank, CA; Davlen Recording Studio, North Hollywood, CA; Cherokee Recording Studio, Hollywood, CA & Capitol Recording Studio, Hollywood, CA
Mixed at Location Recording Service, Burbank, CA by Michael Verdick & Bobby Colomby
Mastered at Location Recording Services by Steve Guy

Pages :
Richard Page : Lead vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizers & Background vocals
Steve George : Keyboards, Synthesizers, Vocals & Lead vocal on "Two People"
Charles "Icarus" Johnson : Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Jerry Manfredi : Bass & Fretless Bass
George Lawrence : Drums
John Lang : Lyrics

Additional Players :
Tim May : Rhythm Guitar on "Chemistry"
Joey Trujillo : Acoustic Guitar on "Take My Heart Away" & Rhythm Guitar on "The Sailor's Song"
Jaï Winding : Fender Rhodes on "Who's Right, Who's Wrong"
Russ Battelene on "The Sailor's Song" & "Take My Heart Away"
Don Alias, Bobby Colomby & Claudio Slon : Percussion
Kenny Loggins & George Hawkins on "Who's Right, Who's Wrong" : Vocals
Strings & Horns Arranged & Conducted by Jerry Hey on "Who's Right, Who's Wrong" & "Keep On Movin'"
Strings Arranged & Conducted by Dick Hazard on "Take My Heart Away"

01 - I Do Believe In You

Mini Moog & Guitar Solo : Steve George & Charles "Icarus" Johnson

02 - The Sailor's Song

Guitar Solo : Charles "Icarus" Johnson

03 - Take My Heart Away

Acoustic Guitar Solo : Charles "Icarus" Johnson

04 - Future Street

Guitar Solo : Charles "Icarus" Johnson

05 - Who's Right, Who's Wrong

Sax Solo : Michael Brecker

06 - Chemistry

Mini Moog : Steve George & Richard Page

07 - Two People

Mini Moog Solo : Steve George

08 - Keep On Movin'