Bliss Band "Dinner With Raoul" (1978) -Westcoast Rock-

 Label : CBS Records

Drapeau du Royaume-Uni 01 - Rio (Paul Bliss)
02 - Over The Hill (Paul Bliss)
03 - Slipaway (Paul Bliss)
04 - Don't Do Me Any Favours (Paul Bliss)
05 - On The Highway (Paul Bliss)
06 - Right Place, Right Time (Paul Bliss)
07 - Stay A Little Longer (Paul Bliss)
08 - Here Goes (Paul Bliss)
09 - Whatever Happened (Paul Bliss)
10 - Take It If You Need It (Paul Bliss)

Produced by Jeff Baxter
Engineered by Bruce Robb
Assistant Engineer : Larry Rebhun
Production Assistant : Cynthia Kitay
Recorded & Mixed at Cherokee Studios II & III, Los Angeles, California
Additional Signal Processing by Roland Corporation
Mastered at A&M Studios by Bernie Grundman

The Bliss Band :
Andy Brown : Bass & Vocals
Alan Park : Organ, Grand Piano & Clavinet
Phil Palmer : Lead Guitar & Vocals
Nigel Elliot : Drums
Paul Bliss : Lead vocal, Piano & Fender Rhodes

Additional Musicians :
Background vocals : Maureen McDonald, Venetta Fields, Sherlie Matthews on "Right Place, Right Time"; Michael McDonald on "Slipaway" & "Stay A Little Longer" & Keith Knudsen on "Take It If You Need It"
Horns on "Right Place, Right Time" : Mic Gillette, Lenny Pickett, Emilio Castillo, Stephen Kupka & Greg Adams
Horns arranged by Greg Adams
Percussion, Vibes & Marimba on "Rio" : Victor Feldman
Acoustic Guitar & Pedal Steel : Jeff Baxter