Earth Wind & Fire "Faces" (1980) -Funk / Soft Rock-

Label : CBS Records

01 - Let Me Talk (Maurice White, Verdine White, Larry Dunn, Al McKay, Ralph Johnson & Philip Bailey)
02 - Turn It Into Something Good (Maurice White, James Newton Howard & Valerie Carter)
03 - Pride (Maurice White, Verdine White, Larry Dunn, Al McKay, Philip Bailey & Fred White)
04 - You (Maurice White, David Foster & Brenda Russell)
05 - Sparkle (Maurice White, Eddie DelBarrio & Philip Bailey)
06 - Back On The Road (Maurice White & Al McKay)
07 - Song In My Heart (Maurice White, Gary Glenn & Brenda Russell)
08 - You Went Away (Ross Vannelli & Philip Bailey)
09 - And Love Goes On (Maurice White, David Foster, Verdine White, Larry Dunn & Brenda Russell)
10 - Sailaway (Maurice White, Eddie DelBarrio, Philip Bailey & Roxanne Seeman)
11 - Take It To The Sky (Maurice White, Gary Glenn & Larry Dunn)
12 - Win Or Lose (Jerry Peters & Jean Hancock)
13 - Share Your Love (Maurice White & Gary Glenn)
14 - In Time (Maurice White, Arlene Matza & Howard McCrary)
15 - Faces (Maurice White, Verdine White, Larry Dunn & Philip Bailey)

Produced by Maurice White for Kalimba Productions
Recorded & Mixed by George Massenburg & Ken Fowler at George Massenburg Studios/ARC, West L.A., Ron Pendragon, Robert Wolstein.
Air Studios, Montserrat, W.II.; Geoff Irons, Mark Touhy, George Morgan, Steve Jackson, John Silcott, Franklin Allen, Reuben & all our friends on Montserrat.
Davlen Sound Studios, North Hollywood : Jeff Borgeson, Ernie Sheesley. Wally Heider/Filmways, Hollywood; Tchad Thompson

Earth Wind & Fire :

Maurice White : Vocals, Drums & Kalimba
Verdine White : Bass
Larry Dunn : Piano, Synthesizers & Synthesizer programming
Philip Bailey : Vocals, Congas & Percussion
Al McKay : Guitar
Fred White : Drums & Percussion
Johnny Graham : Guitar
Andrew Woolfolk : Tenor Saxophone
Ralph Johnson : Percussion

All Lead & Background vocals by Maurice White & Philip Bailey

Additional musicians :

Paulinho Da Costa : Percussion
David Foster : Keyboards
Marlo Henderson : Guitar
Jerry Peters : Keyboards & Organ
Garry Glenn : Keyboards
Steve Lukather : Guitar

Our Horn Section :

Jerry Hey, Oscar Brashear, Bobby Bryant, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Michael Harris, Steve Madaio & Nolan Smith Jr. : Trumpet
George Bohannon, Jeff Clayton, Bill Reichenbach, Fred Wesley & Louis Satterfield : Trombone
Rahmlee Michael Davis : Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Don Myrick : Alto, Tenor & Baritone Saxophone
Larry Williams & Fred Jackson Jr. : Saxophone & Flutes
Vincent DeRosa, Arthur Maebe, George Price, Alan Robinson & Marilyn Robinson : French Horns

Horn Solos on "Faces" by Don Myrick & Rahmlee Michael Davis, Saxophone Solo on "You' by Don Myrick, Trombone Solo on "Sailaway" by Louis Satterfield, Guitar Solo on "Back On The Road" & "You Went Away" by Steve Lukather & Guitar Solo on "Take It To The Sky" by Johnny Graham

Horn & String Arrangements by Tom Tom 84, Erich Bulling
Horn Arrangements by Jerry Hey
String Arrangements by David Foster, Jerry Peters & James Newton Howard

Concertmaster : Janice Gower, Harris Goldman & Assa Drori