Chicago "Chicago 18" (1986) -Westcoast Rock-

Label : Warner Bros. Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Niagara Falls (Steve Kipner & Bobby Caldwell)
02 - Forever (Robert Lamm & Bill Gable)
03 - If She Would Have Been Faithful... (Steve Kipner & Randy Goodrum)
04 - 25 Or 6 To 4 (Robert Lamm & James Pankow)
05 - Will You Still Love Me? (David Foster, Tom Keane & Richard Baskin)
06 - Over And Over (Robert Lamm, James Newton Howard & Steve Lukather)
07 - It's Alright (Bill Champlin & David Foster)
08 - Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now (Jason Scheff & Buzz Feiten)
09 - I Believe (Bill Champlin)
10 - One More Day (James Pankow & Carmen Grillo)

Bonus Track

11 - 25 Or 6 To 4 (Single Edit) (Robert Lamm & James Pankow)
12 - Will You Still Love Me? (Single Edit) (David Foster, Tom Keane & Richard Baskin)

Chicago :
Keyboards & Vocals : Bill Champlin
Keyboards & Vocals : Robert Lamm
Trumpet : Lee Loughnane
Trombone : James Pankow
Woodwinds : Walter Parazaider
Bass & Vocals : Jason Scheff
Drums : Danny Seraphine 

Produced by David Foster
Engineered & Mixed by Humberto Gatica
Brass Arrangement by James Pankow
Additional Brass Contributions by David Foster
Brass insert between cuts entitled "Free Light" Composed & Arranged by James Pankow
String Arrangement by Jeremy Lubbock
Additional Keyboards & Arrangements by David Foster
All Drum Programming by Danny Seraphine
Vocal Arrangements by Chicago, Bill Champlin & David Foster 

Additional Musicians :
Keyboards : David Foster
Guitar : Michael Landau, Buzz Feiten & Steve Lukather
Synthesizer Programming : Dave Boruff, Michael Boddicker, Rhett Lawrence & Bo Tomlyn 

Recorded at Chart Maker Studio, Malibu
Assistant Engineer : Claudio Ordenes
Skyline Recording Company, Malibu (Horn Sessions)
Assistant Engineers : Britt Bacon & David Garfield
Lion Share Recording Studio, Los Angeles
Assistant Engineer : Ray Pyle
Mixed at Lion Share Recording Studio, Los Angeles
Assistant Engineer : Laura Livingston
Originally Mastered at Sterling Group, New York by George Marino 
String Contractor : Jules Chakin
Concertmaster : Gerald Vinci

Kid's Choir Conductor & Contractor on "One More Day" : John Joyce & Betty Joyce
Kid's Choir : Rebecca Clinger, Christopher Leach, Julie Leach, Myhanh Tran, Peter Wade, Jason Pasol, Brandon Roberts, Alitzah Wiener, Betty Joyce, Laurie Parazaider, Felicia Parazaider, Melody Wright & Bettina Bush