Giorgio Moroder "Cat People (Original Soundtrack)" (1982) -Various-

Label : MCA Records

Italie 01 - Cat People (Putting Out Fire) (David Bowie & Giorgio Moroder)
02 - The Autopsy (Giorgio Moroder)
03 - Irena's Theme (Giorgio Moroder)
04 - Night Rabbit (Giorgio Moroder)
05 - Leopard Tree Dream (Giorgio Moroder)
06 - Pauls' Theme (Jogging Chase) (Giorgio Moroder)
07 - The Myth (Giorgio Moroder)
08 - To The Bridge (Giorgio Moroder)
09 - Transformation Seduction (Giorgio Moroder)
10 - Bring The Prod (Giorgio Moroder)

Produced by Giorgio Moroder
Engineered by Brian Reeves
Assistant Engineer : Steve Bates
Arranged by Sylvester Levai

Keyboards by Sylvester Levai
Additional Keyboards by Brian Banks
Drums & Percussion by Keith Forsey
Blaster Beam by Craig Huntley
Synclavier II Programmed by Brian Banks
Prophet 5 & Jupiter 8 Programmed by Charles Judge
Guitar by Michael Landau, Tim May & Giorgio Moroder
Bass by Leland 'Lee' Sklar & Giorgio Moroder

Musical Contractor : Trevor Veitch
Music Editor : Bob Badami
Production Coordinator : Laurie Kanner

Background vocals by Stephanie Spruill, Alexandra Brown & Paulette McWilliams

Recorded at Carla Ridge, Beverly Hills
Mixed at Carla Ridge & Westlake Audio, Los Angeles
Mixed by Giorgio Moroder & Brian Reeves
Assisted by Steve Bates
David Bowie's Vocals Recorded at Mountain Recording, Montreux
Engineered by David Richards
Mastered at Allen Zentz by Brian Gardner