Scripture In Song ‎"First Love" (1986) -CCM / Gospel-

Label : Kingsway Music

Drapeau de la Nouvelle-Zélande 01 - Come Let Us Sing For Joy (Brent Chambers)
02 - Robe Of Righteousness (Brent Chambers)
03 - Highest Place (Ramon Pink)
04 - Covenant (Shona Sauni)
05 - Calvary (Bruce Bremmer)
05 - My Saviour's Love (Charles H. Gabriel)
06 - All That I Am (Gil Watson, Maurie Hooper)
07 - His Work Is Finished (Bob Fitts)
08 - Speaking To Mountains (Dale Garratt)
09 - I Can Do All Things (Dale Garratt)
10 - Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty (Bob Fitts)
11 - I Will Lift Your Name On High (Joseph Vogels)
12 - I Surrender All (Judson W. VanDe Venter, Winfield S. Weeden)
13 - First Love (Dale Garratt)
14 - O Jesus I Love You (Joseph Vogels)
15 - You Alone Are Worthy (Joseph Vogels)
16 - Don't You Know? (Dale Garratt, Wayne Drain & Pale Sauni)
15 - Healing To The Nations (Bob Fitts)

"FIRST LOVE" is a Live Recording Originating in Auckland, New Zealand with Overdubs done in Texas & California, U.S.A.
Producer : Dan Collins

Singers : David & Dale Garratt, Brent Chambers, Ramon Pink, Melinda Garratt, Pale & Shona Sauni, Gil Watson, Ruth Peney, Bob Fitts, Wayne Drain, Annie Herring, Nelly Greisen, Matthew Ward, Jamie Owens-Collins, Buddy Owens, Ed Kerr

Keyboards : Bruce Brmnet, John Andrew Schreiner
Guitar : Bob Fitts, Wayne Drain, Pale Sauni, Phil Keaggy, Andrew Cochrane
Drums : Bill Maxwell
Bass : Abraham Laboriel