Nohelani Cypriano "In The Evening" (1982) -Soft Rock Hawaiian-

Label : Kokonutt Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Bali Hai (Nohelani Cypriano)
02 - In The Evening (Nohelani Cypriano)
03 - Give Love A Try (Mike Lundy & Nohelani Cypriano)
04 - My Island (Nohelani Cypriano)
05 - Playin' With Fire (Nohelani Cypriano)
06 - Remember (Nohelani Cypriano)
07 - U B4 Lil' Rich Girl (Nohelani Cypriano)
08 - Time (Nohelani Cypriano)

Produced by Dennis Graue
Co-Produced by Nohelani Cypriano & Jim Linkner
Executive Producers : Kokonutt Records, David Wong (Golden Mine Productions), Dawe & Jade Glover

Keyboards : Dennis Graue, David Wong, Nohelani Cypriano
Guitars : Eddie Pascua, Mike Lundy, Vernon Sakata
Slack Key Guitar : Kapono Beamer
Bass : Jerry Rousch, Ken Wild, Dave Inamine
Acoustic Bass : Roger Waner
Drums : Wendell Ching
Percussion : Richard Kashanski, Master Henry Gibson
Horns : Michael Baker, Mike Morta, Mike Lewis
Background vocals : Azure McCall, Tennyson Stevens, Mary Lake, Mike Lenoy, Dennis Graue, Nohelani Cypriano

Engineered by Jim Linkner
Recorded & Mixed at Studio Hawaii & Commercial Recording by Jim Linkner & Dennis Graue
Mastered at Kendun Records by Jeff Sanders
Assisted by Jim Linkner & Lindy Griffin