Jerry Fuller "It's My Turn Now" (1979) -Soft Rock-

Label : MCA Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - It's My Turn Now (Jerry Fuller)
02 - Don't Tell Me (Jerry Fuller)
03 - Time And Again (Jerry Fuller)
04 - I Don't Know What I'll Do (Without You) (Jerry Fuller)
05 - Over You (Jerry Fuller)
06 - Lines (Jerry Fuller)
07 - (He's Telling You) Love Lies (Jerry Fuller)
08 - Life Again (Jerry Fuller & Michael Stull)
09 - Salt On The Wound (Jerry Fuller)
10 - Don't Do Anything (I Wouldn't Do) (Jerry Fuller)

Produced by Ron Chancey
String & Horn Arrangements : Bergen White
Recording Engineers : Marc Piscitelli, Les Ladd
Assistant Engineers : Steve Goostree, Danny Hilley, Skip Shimmin, Neal Hopper, Nick Smerigan
Remixes by Marc Piscitelli, Les Ladd
Mastering Engineer : Denny Pursell
Recorded & Temixed at Woodland Sound Studios, Nashville, TN & Footprint Sound, Sherman Oaks, CA
Mastered at Woodland Sound Studios, Nashville, TN

Musicians :
Lead Guitar : Billy Walker Jr., Reggie Young, Billy Sanford
Rhythm Guitar : Billy Walker Jr., Fred Tackett, Chip Young, Fred Carter Jr.
Keyboard : John Hobbs, Ron Oates, Bobby Emmons, Larry Muhoberac
Drums : Steve Turner, Jerry Carrigan
Bass : Larry Paxton, Joe Osborn
Banjo : Carl Jackson
Harmonica : Terry McMillan
Percussion : Bob Zimmitti, Farrell Morris
Strings : Sheldon Kurland, Carl Gorodetzky, Roy Christensen, Steve Smith, Stephanie Woolf, Christian Teal, George Binkley III, Wilfred Lehmann, Gary Vanosdale, Marvin Chantry, John Catchings, Connie Layne
Horns : Don Sheffield, Dennis Good, Roger Bissell, George Tidwell, Billy Puet, Joe Layne
Singers : Ginger Holladay, Larry Keith, Bergen White, Janie Fricke, Don Gant, Diane Tidwell, Sheri Kramer