Leo's Sunshipp "We Need Each Other" (1978) -Soul / Smooth Soul-

Label : Lyon's Records Co., Inc. / Expansion Records / P-Vine Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Give Me The Sunshine (Johnny Simone) (Vocal)
02 - I'm Back For More (Kenny Stover) (Vocal)
03 - Get Down People (Johnny Simone) (Vocal)
04 - Madame Butterfly (Kenny Stover & Johnny Simone) (Mini-Tro)
05 - Madame Butterfly (Kenny Stover & Johnny Simone) (Vocal)
06 - I'm Back For More (Kenny Stover & Johnny Simone) (Mini-Tro)
07 - Give Me The Sunshine (Johnny Simone) (Mini-Tro)
08 - Get Down People (Johnny Simone) (Mini-Tro)

All Songs Produced by Alvin Few, Kenny Stover & Johnny Simone
Executive Producer : Alvin Few
All Songs Arranged by Bill King, Kenny Stover & Johnny Simone
String Arrangement : David Blumberg
All Vocal Performances by Leo's Sunshipp
"Madame Butterfly" Background Sung by Shirley Brewer & Sue Say Green
Special Thanks to :
David Pruitt : Guitar
Clearance Bell : Synthesizers
Fostina Dixon : Flute
Bill King : Fender Rhodes
H. Kelvin White : Drums
Harvey Whitehead : Congas
David Miles : Guitar
Carlos Glover : Guitar
Anthony Holmes : Bass
Harvey Brook : Bass
Sashi Mukett Rasheld : Drums
Victor Vick : Guitar
Recorded at Axis Sound Atlanta, Georgia
Engineering by Jimi Mayweather
2nd Engineer : Greg Wedster
Recorded at Group IX, Hollywood, California
Engineering by Paul Aronogg
Recorded at Total Experience, Hollywood, California
Engineering by Bob D. Orleans
Assistant Engineer : Bob Higgins
Mixing Engineer : Bob D. Orleans
Mastering by : Studio Masters, Don Blake & Bob D. Orleans