Isle Of Man "Isle Of Man" (1986) -Soft Rock / AOR-

Label : Pasha Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Am I Forgiven (Raun & Robere Parlez)
02 - Building Bridges (Raun & Spencer Proffer)
03 - Speaking English (Raun, Jamie Roberto, Robere Parlez & Spencer Proffer)
04 - Desperate Surrender (Amor Moriendo) (Raun, Jamie Roberto, Robere Parlez & Marc Tanner)
05 - Skin Trade (Raun, Jamie Roberto & Robero Parlez)
06 - Afraid Of Heights (Raun, Jamie Roberto & Marc Tanner)
07 - Land Of The Heroes (Raun & Spencer Proffer)
08 - Rock Of Ages (Robero Parlez, Raun & Ronnie Lee Sage)
09 - Tenderness (Raun)
10 - Only The Brave (Raun)

Raun : Guitar, Keyboards & Percussion
Robero Parlez : Lead vocal & Backing vocals
Jamie Roberto : Bass, Vocals & Accento
Ronnie Lee Sage : Drums, Percussion & Backing vocals

Produced by Spencer Proffer & Isle Of Man for Pasha
Engineered by Hanspeter Huber
Recorded & Mixed at The Pasha Music House, Hollywood, CA
Basic Tracks to "Tenderness" & "Skin Trade" Produced by Randy Bishop for Pasha
Mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disc, Hollywood, CA
Additional Engineering : Alexander Woltman & Spencer Proffer
Engineering Assistants : Kevin Arst & Jose A. Garcia

Additional Interpretations From :
Jon Butcher : Lead Guitar on "Land Of The Heroes" & "Rock Of Ages"
Annatagonism : Additional Vocals on "Land Of The Heroes"
Jimmy Whitney & The Bible of Dreams Gospel : Background vocals on "Am I Forgiven"
Marcus Barone conducts The Penny Lane Horn & String Ensemble on "Building Bridges" & "Speaking English"
More interpreters : Larry Brown, Ted Bishop, Thom Giebel, Dominick Certo, Jude Cole & Um Batutu (Swahili translation on "Afraid Of Heights")
Coordination : Carol Peters, Karen Chamberlain & Gail Lee
Assistant to the Producers : Suzanne DuBarry