Glassmoon "Sympathetic Vibration" (1984) -AOR-

Label : MCA Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Cold Kid (Dave Adams)
02 - Touching In The Dark (Dave Adams)
03 - Day After Day After Night (Dave Adams)
04 - ...And The Rain (Dave Adams)
05 - You Turn My World (Dave Adams)
06 - Sympathetic Vibration (Dave Adams)
07 - Listen To Your Man (Dave Adams)
08 - Jungle Song (Dave Adams)
09 - Big Magic (Dave Adams)

Produced by Dave Adams with David Lord
*Produced by Dave Adams
Recorded at Crescent Studios, Bath, U.K.
Engineered by David Lord
Technical Assistance by Glenn Tommey
"Cold Kid" Recorded at TGS Studio
Engineered by Steve Gronback
Some Overdubs Recorded at Odyssey Studios, London
Engineered by Mark Frank
Mixed at Good Earth Studio & Sarm West, London
Mix Engineer : Julian Mendelsohn
Tape Ops : Rob Trillo & Dave Meegan
Digital Editing : Peter Wooluschroft

Extra Bits were added by :
Stuart Gordon : Violin
Jeff Daly : Sax Solos
Kenny Soule : Drums on "Cold Kid"
Shara : Backing vocals on "...And The Rain"
David Lord : Keyboard

Glassmoon is :
Dave Adams : Vocals & Keyboards
Bob Patterson : Bass, Backing vocals on "You Turn My World"
Douglas Morgan : Drums
Rod Dash : Guitar