Dwight Twilley ‎"Twilley" (1979) -Power Pop-

Label : Arista Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Out Of My Hands (Dwight Twilley)
02 - Nothing's Ever Gonna Change So Fast (Dwight Twilley)
03 - Runaway (Dwight Twilley)
04 - Standin' In The Shadow Of Love (Dwight Twilley)
05 - Alone In My Room (Dwight Twilley)
06 - Betsy Sue (Dwight Twilley)
07 - Darlin (Dwight Twilley)
08 - I Wanna Make Love To You (Dwight Twilley)
09 - Got You Where I Want You (Dwight Twilley)
10 - It Takes A Lot Of Love (Dwight Twilley)

Dwight Twilley : Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Harmonica, Lead Guitar on "Darlin" & "Hands"
Bill Pitcock IV : Lead Guitar, Bass on "I Wanna Make Love To You"
Jim Lewis : Bass & Drums
Jerry Naifeh : Drums on "Runaway" & "I Takes A Lot Of Love"
Jimmie Haskell : Strings
Noah Shark, Jim Lewis, Jerry Naifeh & Dwight Twilley : Percussion
Greg Block : Violin on "Runaway"
Phil Seymour : Backing vocals on "Darlin"
Recorded at Shelter Studios
Noah Shark & Max : Engineering (with Jim Lewis on "It Takes A Lot Of Love")
Noah Shark & Max And Dwight Twilley : Production