The Ward Brothers "Madness Of It All" (1986) -Soft Rock / AOR-

Label : Siren Records

Drapeau du Royaume-Uni 01 - Why Do You Run (Graham Ward)
02 - Easy Prey (Graham Ward)
03 - I Trusted You (Graham Ward)
04 - Over The Border (Graham Ward)
05 - Shadows Of You (Graham Ward)
06 - Don't Talk To Strangers (Graham Ward)
07 - Limbo (Graham Ward)
08 - Cross That Bridge (Graham Ward)
09 - Madness Of It All (Graham Ward)
10 - Easy Prey (Cloth Cap Mix) (Graham Ward)
11 - Don't Talk To Strangers (Brown Mac Mix) (Graham Ward)
12 - Cross That Bridge (Kitchen Sink Mix) (Graham Ward)
13 - Madness Of It All (Instrumental) (Graham Ward)

"Madness Of It All" Recorded at Soundtracks & Rightracks, New York
"Cross That Bridge" Recorded at Flexible Response, Bradford & Parkgate Studios, Sussex
All Other Tracks recorded at Battery Studios, London
EQ & Mastering at Tape One : Denis Blackman
Direct Metal Mastering : Kevin Metcalfe at The Townhouse Studios

Dave Ward : Lead & Backing vocals, Percussion, Drums
Derek Ward : Keyboards & Programming
Graham Ward : Guitars & Backing vocals

Martin Bullard : Synth Bass & Keyboards
Saxophone on "Why Do You Run" : Wesley Magoogan

Produced by Mike Howlett
Engineered by Steve Power
"Madness Of It All" Produced by Don Was with Frank Filipetti
Engineered by Frank Filipetti
Bass & Additional Keyboards : Louis Resto
"Cross That Bridge" Produced by Don Was
Engineered by Phil Brown