Karen Lafferty "Love Of The Ages" (1981) -CCM-

Label : Maranatha! Music

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Every Life's A Story (Karen Lafferty)
02 - My Life Is Yours (Karen Lafferty)
03 - New Mexico Song (Karen Lafferty)
04 - Aegean (Karen Lafferty)
05 - Jasmine (Karen Lafferty)
06 - El Salvador (Dan Daniels)
07 - Apples Of Gold (Karen Lafferty)
08 - Streets Of Amsterdam (Karen Lafferty)
09 - Timothy Tucker (Russ Kirkpatrick)
10 - Love Of The Ages (John Whytock)

Produced by Jonathan David Brown
Recorded at White Field Studios, Costa Mesa, California
Musicians :
Acoustic Guitars : Don Gerber, Steve Swinford, Hadley Hockensmith on "Streets Of Amsterdam"
Keyboards : Kelly Willard, Jeff Lams on "New Mexico Song" & "El Salvador"
Electric Guitar : Hadley Hockensmith
Electric Bass : Darrel Cook, Sam Allen on "New Mexico Song" & "El Salvador"
Acoustic Bass : John Patitucci
Drums : Keith Edwards on "My Life Is Yours", "Apples Of Gold" & "Timothy Tucker", Ron Tutt on "Every Life's A Story" & "Streets Of Amsterdam", Jim Coulson on "New Mexico Song" & "El Salvador"
Percussions : Alex MacDougall
Flutes, Oboe & English Horn : John Phillips
Harp : Verlye Mills
Accordion : Frank Marocco
Background Singers : Michele Pillar, Bob Bennett, Jonathan David Brown on "Every Life's A Story"
Male Voice on "El Salvador" : Dan Daniels
'Cookin'' Violin Solo on "Apples Of Gold" : Mark Cargill
Choir on "Love Of The Ages" : Michele Pillar, Bob Bennett, Jonathan David Brown, Tammy Brown, Perry Hilbrant, Adel Merrick, Helen Potts & Karen Lafferty
String & Woodwind Arrangements : Jim Stipech
Copyist : Patrice Stipech
Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Jonathan David Brown
Assistants : Dave Schober, Chris Taylor, Sharon McCall (instant engineer for the "Love Of The Ages" choir)
Recorded at White Field Studios, Santa Ana, California, July-August 1980