Various Artists "A Very Special Christmas 2" (1992) -Various-

Label : A&M Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Christmas All Over Again (Tom Petty)
02 - Jingle Bell Rock (Joseph Beal & James Booth)
03 - The Christmas Song (Mel Tormé)
04 - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (H. Gillespie & J.F. Coots)
05 - The Birth Of Christ (Nathan Morris & Shawn Patrick Stockman)
06 - Please Come Home For Christmas (Charles Brown)
07 - What Christmas Means To Me (Allen Story, Anna Gaye & George Gorde)
08 - O Christmas Tree (Traditional)
09 - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (Johnny Marks)
10 - White Christmas (Irving Berlin)
11 - Christmas Is (Daryl McDaniels & Joseph Simmons)
12 - Christmas Time Again (Nuno Bettencourt & Gary Cherone)
13 - Merry Christmas Baby (Lou Baxter & Johnny Moore)
14 - O Holy Night (Traditional)
15 - Sleigh Ride (Leroy Anderson & Mitchell Parish)
16 - What Child Is This? (Traditional)
17 - Blue Christmas (Billy Hayes & Jay W. Johnson)
18 - Silent Night (Traditional)
19 - I Believe In You (Bob Dylan)

Executive Producers : Jimmy Iovine, Vicki Iovine & Robert Sargent Shriver
Contributing Producers : Jill Willis & Paul Marshall
Album Coordinator : Lesley Taminelli
Assistant to Jimmy Iovine : Susie Tallman
Assistant to Bobby Schriver : Cathy Valentino
Assistant Album Coordinator : Jeff Cadwell
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Precision Mastering, Los Angeles

01 - Christmas All Over Again

Featuring Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
Produced by Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, Jimmy Iovine & Jeff Lynne
Engineered by Phil Kaffel, Thom Panunzio & Richard Dodd
Recorded at A&M Studios
Mixed by Richard Dodd at M.C. Studio
Assistant Engineer : Brian Scheuble
Vocals & Electric Guitar : Tom Petty
12 String Electric Guitar : Mike Campbell
Piano : Benmont Tench
Drums : Stan Lynch & Jim Keltner
Bass : Mike Campbell & Jeff Lynne
Bass & 6 String : Scott Thurston
Electric Guitar : Tim Pierce
Acoustic Guitar : Robbie Blunt, Kevin Dukes, Todd Sharpe & Jimmy Ripp
Harpsichord : Mitchell Froom
Harp : Gayle Levant
Percussion : Phil Jones & Brad Dultz
Marimba : Efran Torro
Bells & Timpani : Jeff Lynne
Saxophones : Joel Peskin, Phil Kenzie, Marti Krystall & Mike Turre
Synthesizer : Scott Humphrey
Background vocals : Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne & Richard Dodd
Production Coordinators : Susie Tallman & Lesley Taminelli

02 - Jingle Bell Rock

Featuring Randy Travis
Produced by Richard Perry
Recorded at Ocean Way Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA
Mixed by Erik Zobler at Ocean Way Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA
Drums : Steve Schaeffer
Bass : Leland 'Lee' Sklar
Acoustic Guitar : Dennis Budimir
Electric Guitar : Tim Pierce
Pedal Steel : Jay Dee Maness
Piano : Jim Cox
Synths : Greg Mathieson
Organ : Steve Lindsey
Percussion : Lenny Castro
Background vocals : David Joyce, Randy Crenshaw, Donna Davidson & Susie Stevans
Production Coordinator : Julie Larson

03 - The Christmas Song

Featuring Luther Vandross
Produced by Quincy Jones
Engineered & Mixed by Paul Brown
Recorded & Mixed at Westlake Audio, Los Angeles
Arranged by Jerry Hey
Bass : Neil Stubenhaus
Keyboards : Randy Kerber
Drums : Tal Bergman
Guitar : Doc Powell
Sax : Gerald Albright
Production Coordinators : Adrienne Hough, Marsha Burns & Lesley Taminelli

04 - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Featuring Frank Sinatra & Cyndi Lauper
Produced by Phil Kaffel
Engineered by Ed Chesney
Orchestra Directed & Arranged by Axel Stardahl
Mr. Sinatra's Vocals Recorded in Hollywood
Recorded at Capitol Recorders, Los Angeles
Mixed by Humberto Gatica for Hum Inc. Productions at Ground Control
Ms. Lauper's Vocals Recorded & Engineered by Frank Filipetti at Right Track, New York
Contractor : Mike Lang
Guitar : Dennis Budimir
Bass : Chuck Domanico
Drums : Sol Gubin
Copyist : Dwight Mikkelsen
Orchestra Conducted by Suzie Katayama
Archival Track Restoration at Chase Productions, Burbank, CA
Vocal Restoration : Scott Humphrey & Paul De Carli

05 - The Birth Of Christ

Featuring Boys II Men
Produced by Nathan Morris & Shawn Patrick Stockman for BIV Entertainment Corp.
Engineered by J.E. Van Horne Jr.
Recorded at Rainbow Recording Studios, Omaha, NE
Mixed by Jim Hinger at Studio 54, Philadelphia, PA
Vocals : Nathan Morris, Michael McCrary, Shawn Patrick Stockman & Nanya Germaine Morris
Production Coordinator : Steve Cook

06 - Please Come Home For Christmas

Featuring Jon Bon Jovi
Produced by Jimmy Iovine
Engineered by Phil Kaffel, Thom Panunzio & Obi O'Brien
Recorded at A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA
Mixed by Mick Guzauski at Devonshire Studios
Assistant Engineer : Brian Scheuble
Bass : Richard Ruse
Keyboards : Benmont Tench
Drums : Gregg Bissonette
Guitars : Don Felder & Tim Pierce
Background vocals : Sir Harry Bowens & Sweet Pea Atkinson
Production Coordinator : Lesley Taminelli

07 - What Christmas Means To Me

Featuring Paul Young
Produced by Don Was
Engineered by Steve Jackson
Recorded at The Townhouse Recording Studio, London, England
Mixed by Ed Chesney at Conway Studios, CA
Bass : Jervonny Collier
Keyboards : Tony Patler
Drums : Buster Marbury
Guitar : Randy Jacobs
Trumpet : Rayse Biggs
Saxophone : David McMurray
Background vocals : Sweet Pea Atkinson, Sir Harry Bowens & Donald Ray Mitchell
Production Coordinator : Jane Oppenheirner

08 - O Christmas Tree

Featuring Aretha Franklin
Produced by Marty Paich & David Paich
Arrangement by Marty Paich & Aretha Franklin
Conducted by Marty Paich
Engineered by Al Schmitt
Recorded & Mixed by Al Schmitt at Ocean Way Recording, Los Angeles, CA
Vocal Recorded by Mike Accapelli at United Sound Systems, Detroit, MI
Additional Recording : John Jessel
Assistant Engineer : Ken Allardyce
Piano : David Paich
Bass : Arni Egelson & Susan Raney
Percussion : Emil Richards
Synthesizers : Steve Porcaro
Copyists : Suzie Katayama & James Cowger
Production Coordinator & Contractor : Shari Sutcliffe

09 - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

Featuring Ronnie Spector & Darlene Love
Produced by Jimmy Iovine & Danny Kortchmar
Engineered by Thom Panunzio
Recorded at A&M Studios
Mixed by Mick Guzauski at Devonshire Studios
Assistant Engineer : Randy Wine
Bass : Bob Glaub
Piano : Benmont Tench
Drums : Russ Kunkel
Guitar : Danny Kortchmar
Acoustic Guitar : Jon Bon Jovi
Organ : Mitchell Froom
Saxophone : Mike Turre
Vocals : Ronnie Spector & Darlene Love
Background vocals : Darlene Love, Edna Wright, Susie Tillman & Melodye Perry
Production Coordination : Lesley Taminelli

10 - White Christmas

Featuring Michael Bolton
Produced by David Foster, Michael Bolton & Dave Reitzas
Arrangement : Johnny Mandel & Randy Waldman
Engineered & Mixed by Dave Reitzas at Devonshire Studios, North Hollywood
Orchestra Recorded by Al Schmitt
Recorded at Ocean Way Studios, Los Angeles ; Passion Studios, Connecticut & Devonshire Studios, North Hollywood
Assistant Engineers : Eric Rudd & Keith Kresge
Keyboards : Randy Waldman
Orchestra Contracted by Patty Zimetti

11 - Christmas Is

Featuring Run D.M.C.
Produced by Larry Smith, Run D.M.C. & Jam Master J
Engineered & Mixed by Troy Hightower & Norman Bullock at Apollo Theatre Investor Group
Instruments : Jam Master J
Drums : Jason Mizell
Production Coordinator : Erik Blamoville

12 - Christmas Time Again

Featuring Extreme
Produced by Nuno Bettencourt
Engineer : Bob St. John
Mixed by Nuno Bettencourt & Bob St. John
Recorded & Mixed at Courtlen Studio, MA
Lead vocals : Gary Cherone
Guitar, Keyboards & Background vocals : Nuno Bettencourt
Bass & Background vocals : Pat Badger
Drums & Background vocals : Paul Geary

13 - Merry Christmas Baby

Featuring Bonnie Raitt & Charles Brown
Produced by Jimmy Iovine
Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA
Mixed by Ed Chesney at Conway Studios, CA
Engineered by Ed Chesney
Assistant Engineer : Tom Size
Studio Assistant : Richard Duarte
Guitar : Danny Caron
Bass : Ruth Davies
Drums : Gaylord Birch
Piano : Charles Brown
Saxophone : Clifford Solomon
Production Coordinator : Lesley Taminelli

14 - O Holy Night

Featuring Tevin Campbell
Produced by Jimmy Iovine
Vocals Produced by Jerry Hey
Vocals Executive Produced by JoAnn Tominaga
Conductor : Gene Page
Choral Arrangement by Gene Page & JoAnn Tominaga
Engineered by Mark Mancini
Vocals Engineered by Paul Brown at Westlake Audio
Mixed by Humberto Garcia for Hum Inc. Productions
Recorded & Mixed at A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA & Westlake Audio
Assistant Engineer : Greg Goldman
Bass : Cliff Hugo
Harp : Joanne Turovsky
Keyboards : Jon Gilutin
Drums : John 'JR' Robinson
Percussion : Gary Coleman
Synthesizer : Bryce Cranston
Programming : Scott Humphrey & Paul DeCarli
Choir Conducted & Arranged by Jerry Hey
Choir Contracted by Shari Sutcliffe
Choir : Sharon Celani, Ricoh Cymone, Lynn Davis, Lynn Mabry, David Pack & Rodney Saulsberry
Production Coordinator : Lesley Taminelli

15 - Sleigh Ride

Featuring Debbie Gibson
Produced by Jimmy Iovine, Jaï Winding & Omar Hakim
Engineered by Phil Kaffel
Mixed by Mick Guzauski at Devonshire Studios, North Hollywood
Recorded & Mixed at The Village Recorders, Los Angeles
Background vocals : Darlene Love, Edna Wright & Melodye Perry
Electric & Acoustic Guitars : Tim Pierce & Robbie Blunt
Bass : Bob Glaub
Drums : Jody Cortez & Omar Hakim
Keyboards : Jaï Winding
Percussion : Brad Dutz
Horns : Phil Kenzie, Greggory Smith, Beverly Dahlke-Smith & Chris Mostert
Production Coordinator : Lesley Taminelli

16 - What Child Is This?

Featuring Vanessa Williams
Produced by Gerry E. Brown & Vanessa Williams
Associate Producer : Rob Von Arx
Arranged by Fred McFarlane & Gerry E. Brown
String Arrangement by Jesse Levi
Assistant Engineer : Andy Smith
Recorded at The Hit Factory, New York
Engineered & Mixed by Gary Tole & Gerry E. Brown at The Hit Factory, New York
Guitar : Nick Moroch
Acoustic Piano : Fred McFarlane
Bass : Ron Carter
Drums : Duane Broadnax
Trombone : Alex Lodico

17 - Blue Christmas

Featuring Ann & Nancy Wilson
Produced by Scott Olson, Nancy Wilson & Ann Wilson
Recorded at Bad Anial, Seattle
Engineered & Mixed by Ed Brooks & Tod Lemkuhl
Vocal & Background vocals : Ann Wilson
Guitars, Keyboards & Background vocals : Nancy Wilson
Guitar, Keyboards & Background vocals : Scott Olson
Pedal Steel : Terry Lauber
Piano : Nick Moore
Upright Bass : Steve Allen
Drums : Chris Leighton
Basso Profundo : Tod Lemkuhl

18 - Silent Night

Featuring Wilson Phillips
Vocals Produced by Carnie Wilson
Track Produced by Glen Ballard
Vocals : Chynna Phillips, Carnie Wilson & Wendy Wilson
Engineered & Mixed by Francis Buckley at Westlake Audio, Hollywood, CA
Technical Director : Chris Fogel
Keyboards : Glen Ballard
Guitar : Michael Landau
Production Coordinator : Jolie Levine

19 - I Believe In You

Featuring Sinead O'Connor
Produced by Sinead O'Connor & Phil Ramone
Arranged by All of Us
Orchestration : Doug Katsanos
Engineered by Gary Chester at National Edison Studios, NYC
Mixed by Lolly Grodner at Power Station, NYC
Assistant Engineers : Tommy Civello, Yvonne Yedibatlan & Aaron Kropf
Drums : Chris Parker
Piano : Richard Tee
Bass : David Finck
Acoustic & Slide Guitar : Charlie Mangold
Acoustic Guitar : Charlton Pettus
Synthesizer : Dave LeBolt
Production Coordinator : Jill Dell'Abate