Urgent "Cast The First Stone" (1985) -AOR / Melodic Rock-

Label : Manhattan Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Running Back (Michael Kehr, Don Kehr & Steve Kehr)
02 - Say Goodbye (Michael Kehr)
03 - Cast The First Stone (Michael Kehr, Don Kehr & Steve Kehr)
04 - Love Can Make You Cry (Michael Kehr, Don Kehr & Ian Hunter)
05 - Pay Up (Michael Kehr, Ian Hunter, Steve Pickett & Dave Kissel)
06 - Love Him Or Leave Him (Michael Kehr, Don Kehr & Steve Kehr)
07 - Dedicated To Love (Michael Kehr, Yul Vaz, Klyph Black & Ian Hunter)
08 - Only You (John Wondering, Michael Kehr & Don Kehr)
09 - So This Is Paradise (Michael Kehr, Yul Vaz, Klyph Black & Ian Hunter)
10 - Tell The Boys No (Michael Kehr & Steve Kehr)

Urgent :
Michael Kehr : Lead Vocalist, Background vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Don Kehr : Lead & Background vocals, Piano & Keyboards
Steve Kehr : Drums, Percussion & Background vocals
Yul Vaz : Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Klyph Black : Bass

Additional Contributions by :
Mick Ronson : Keyboards & Guitar
Larry Fast : Synthesizers on "Only You"
Steve Scales : Percussion
Mark Clarke : Background vocals
Cynthia Huggins & Samaiyah Motley : Background vocals on "Only You"

Engineered by Bob Cohen
Recorded at The House Of Music in West Orange, NJ. with Bob Cohen, Assisted by Nelson Ayres
Additional Overdubs at Media Sound in N.Y.C. with John Holbrook, Assisted by Tom Roberts
Mixed at The Village Recorder in L.A. with Shelly Yakus, Assisted by Tom Nist & Jay Willis
Mastered at Precision Lacquer by Stephen Marcussen