Kit Hain "School For Spies" (1983) -Soft Rock-

Label : Phonogram Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Pulling Apart (Kit Hain)
02 - Perfect Timing (Kit Hain)
03 - Bells Of Old Paris (Chris Bradford & Kit Hain)
04 - Cry Wolf (Kit Hain)
05 - Too Far Too Soon (Kit Hain)
06 - School For Spies (Chris Bradford & Kit Hain)
07 - I Need To Be With You (Kit Hain)
08 - Fallen Angel (Kit Hain)
09 - After The Darkness (Kit Hain)
10 - Wild One Dance (Kit Hain)

Produced by Mike Thorne

The Band :
Kit Hain : Vocals, Piano & Synthesizer
Anthony Jackson : Bass Guitar
Alan Schwartzberg : Drums
Chris Spedding : Guitars
Mike Thorne : Synthesizer & Percussion

Additional Musicians :
Dave Tofani : Saxophone on "Perfect Timing" & "I Need To Be With You"
Lou Toby : Accordion on "Bells Of Old Paris"
Robert Medici : Marimbas on "School For Spies"
Julian Marshall : Harpsichord on "After The Darkness"
John Gatchell : Piccolo Trumpet on "After The Darkness" & Trumpet on "Wild One Dance"
Jon Faddis : Trumpet on "Wild One Dance"
Diana Halprin : Violin on "Wild One Dance"
Thanks also to Martin Ditcham, Hilly Kristol & Artie Lawrence

Strings :
Stan Pollock : Concert Master
Fred Buldrini, Kathryn Kienke, Stan Pollock, Elliot Rosoff & Ferry Track : Violins
Alfred Brown, Selwyn Clark & Ted Israel : Violas
William Mayer & Kermit Moore : Celli

Strings Arranged by Jimmy Biondolillo
Horns Arranged by Kit Hain & Mike Thorne
Violin Solo Arranged by Diana Halprin

Recorded & Mixed by Harvey Goldberg
Additional Engineering by Don Wershoa
Assisted by Scott Mabuchi & Harry Spiridakis

This record was made at Media Studios, with thanks to all the staff here

Mastered by Jack Skinner at Sterling Sound, New York