Kenny G "Live" (1989) -Smooth Jazz-

Label : Arista Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Going Home (Kenny G & Walter Afanasieff)
02 - Sade (Kenny G)
03 - Silhouette (Kenny G)
04 - Midnight Motion (Kenny G)
05 - Home (Kenny G)
06 - Don't Make Me Wait For Love (Walter Afanasieff, Preston Glass & Michael Walden)
07 - I've Been Missing' You (Kenny G & Kashif)
08 - Esther (Kenny G)
09 - Tribeca (Kenny G, Kashif & W. Braithwaite)
10 - Songbird (Kenny G)
11 - Uncle Beal (Kenny G & Lou Pardini)

Produced by Kenny G
All Songs Recorded Live at The Opera House in Seattle, WA
August 26th & 27th, 1989 & Mixed at Lighthouse Studios, North Hollywood, CA (except*)
Remote Recording by Turtle Recording
Musicians :
Drums : Bruce Carter
Guitar : John Raymond
Bass : Vail Johnson
Keyboards : Robert Damper
Special Guest Vocalist on "Don't Make Me Wait For Love" : Michael Bolton
Engineered & Mixed by Mick Guzauski
Consulting 'Live Show' Engineer : Monty Montfort
"Tribeca", "Esther" & "Don't Make Me Wait For Love" Recorded Live at Humphrey's, San Diego, CA
September 27th, 28th & 29th, 1989
Remote Recording by The Record Plant
"Going Home" Recorded at Studio G, Seattle, WA
Musicians :
All Instruments Played by Kenny G & Walter Afanasieff
"Uncle Al" Recorded at Juniper Studio, Glendale, CA & Westlake Audio, Los Angeles, CA & Mixed at Conway Studios, Los Angeles
Musicians :
Keyboards & Drum Programming : Lou Pardini
Live Drum : Rayford Griffin
Percussion : Paulinho Da Costa
Additional Keyboards : Walter Afanasieff
Additional Engineering by Kevin Beck, Frank Wolfe, Steve Smart & Gerry Brown
Additional Drums : John Keane