Drama "Scene From A Distance" (1985) -AOR / Westcoast Rock-

Label : RCA Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Paralyse* (J. Parker & Suzanne Jerome Taylor)
02 - Mind Over Matter (Suzanne Jerome Taylor, Pat Taylor, Robbie Nevil & Mark Mueller)
03 - Moment To Moment* (Suzanne Jerome Taylor, Pat Taylor & Phil Galdston)
04 - Why Did Forever Have To End (Suzanne Jerome Taylor, Pat Taylor & R. Goodman)
05 - Street Life (Suzanne Jerome Taylor, Pat Taylor, Robbie Nevil & Mark Mueller)
06 - Heartache After Heartache* (Suzanne Jerome Taylor, S. Diamond & J. Parker)
07 - I Would Rush (To Your Love) (Suzanne Jerome Taylor, Pat Taylor & Mark Goldenberg)
08 - The Perfect Crime (Suzanne Jerome Taylor, Phil Galdston & John Van Tongeren)
09 - Static (Suzanne Jerome Taylor, Pat Taylor & S. Diamond)
10 - Here Comes Love (Suzanne Jerome Taylor, Pat Taylor & & Phil Galdston)

Produced by Elliot Scheiner for Trackman, Inc.
Associate Producer : Pat Taylor
Production Coordinator : Ivy Skoff
Drama is :
Susanne Jerome Taylor : Lead vocals
Pat Taylor : Guitar & Vocals
Musicians :
Drums : Tony Humecke
Bass : Larry Klein
Synthesizers : John Van Tongeren & Tommy Faragher
Synthesizer Solo on "Here Comes Love" : John Van Tongeren
Guitar Solos : Jack Holder*
All Other Guitars : Pat Taylor
Piano : Randy Goodrum
Percussion : Paulinho Da Costa
Sax : Lon Price (Solo on "I Would Rush (To Your Love)")
Fairlight Programming : Peggy McAfee
Background vocals : Pat Taylor, Susanne Jerome Taylor & Jack Holder
Recording Engineer : Brian Malouf
Remix Engineer : Elliot Scheiner
Recorded at Can Am Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Remixed at Sound Labs, Los Angeles, CA
Additional Recording at Village Recorders & A&R Recording, New York City
Engineering Assistance : Stan Katayama, Peggy McAfee, Daniel Reed, Jay Willis & Ollie Cotton
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, New York