Annie Herring ‎"Search Deep Inside" (1981) -CCM-

Label : Sparrow Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Search Deep Inside (Annie Herring)
02 - When You Come On My Mind (Annie Herring)
03 - Before You Go Out The Door (Annie Herring)
04 - Love Comes In Many Shapes And Colors (Annie Herring)
05 - Killing Thousands (Annie Herring)
06 - As A Matter Of Fact (Annie Herring)
07 - The Day's Gone By (Annie Herring)
08 - Father It's Me Again (Annie & Buck Herring)
09 - Old Soldier (Annie Herring)
10 - Earthbound (Annie Herring)

Produced & Engineered by Buck Herring
All Strings Arrangements by Michael Omartian
Recorded at Buckskin Studio, Northridge, CA & Hollywood Sound, Hollywood, CA
Mixed at Buckskin Studio
On "Search Deep Inside", "Before You Go Out The Door" & "As A Matter Of Fact"
Piano : Michael Omartian
Drums : Paul Leim
Guitar : Marty Walsh
Bass : Abraham Laboriel
Engineered by John Guess
On all other songs :
Piano : Annie Herring
Synthesizer & Percussion : Michael Omartian