Zappacosta "Quick!...Don't Ask Any Questions..." (1990) -Soft Rock-

Label : A-Zee Records Inc. / Capitol Records

Drapeau de l'Italie Drapeau du Canada 01 - Letter Back (Alfie Zappacosta & Marco Luciani)
02 - Nothing To Do With Love (Alfie Zappacosta & Marco Luciani)
03 - Simple Words To Say (Alfie Zappacosta & Gerry Mosby)
04 - Good Intentions (Alfie Zappacosta & Marco Luciani)
05 - Place On The Beach (Alfie Zappacosta & Bill LaBounty)
06 - The Only One (Alfie Zappacosta & Tony Azzopardi)
07 - Manny's Dilemma (Alfie Zappacosta, Marco Luciani, Tony Azzopardi & Darren Bowler)
08 - All Night (Alfie Zappacosta & Marco Luciani)
09 - Keep Up (Alfie Zappacosta, Marco Luciani, Tony Azzopardi & Darren Bowler)
10 - I'll Be The One (Alfie Zappacosta & Marco Luciani)
11 - Worries Away (Alfie Zappacosta & Marco Luciani)
12 - Don't Ask Me (Alfie Zappacosta)

Produced by The Mozz & Alfie Zappacosta
Executive Producer : Davitt Sigerson
Recorded & Mixed at Phase One Studios, Toronto, Canada
Engineered & Mixed by Earl Torno
Assistants : Andre Wahl & Marty Ogden
Additional Recording at Wellesley Sound Studios, Toronto, Canada
Engineered by Jeff McCulloch
Assisted by Scott Keenan
Additional Recordings at Players Music Inc., Toronto, Canada
Engineered by The Mozz
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York by Ted Jensen
Musical Arrangements : Alfie Zappacosta & Marco Luciani
Alfie Zappacosta : Lead vocals, Background vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Marco Luciani : All Keyboards, Programming, String Arrangement on "Don't Ask Me"
Tony Azzopardi : Drums, Percussion & Programming
Darren Bowler : Bass Guitar
The Mozz : Additional Guitars, Keys & Programming
Background vocals : Corinne Plommish & Janet Macewen
Additional Background vocals : Sheree Jeacocke, John Rutledge, Joel Feeney & Tony Carlucci
Strings : Rick Wilkins, Peter Schenkman, Marie Berard, Carol Fujino, Ronald Hay, Fujiko Imajishi, Douglas Perry, Mark Skazinetsky, Vera Tarnowsky, Jaime Weisenblum & Paul Widner
Earl Seymour : All Saxes (Alto, Baritone & Tenor)
Tony Carlucci : Trumpet & Flugelhorn