Steve Wariner "I Got Dreams" (1989) -Contemporary Country-

Label : MCA Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - I Got Dreams (Steve Wariner & Bill LaBounty)
02 - Where Did I Go Wrong (Steve Wariner)
03 - I Could Get Lucky Tonight (Steve Wariner, Bill LaBounty, B. Foster & J. Kimball)
04 - Nothin' In The World (Steve Wariner & Mike Reid)
05 - When I Could Come Home To You (Steve Wariner & Roger Murray)
06 - Language Of Love (Steve Wariner, John Hall & Johanna Hall)
07 - The Loser Wins (Steve Wariner & Mac McAnally)
08 - Do You Wanna Make Something Of It (Steve Wariner & Wood Newton)
09 - Plano Rexas Girl (Steve Wariner & Terry Wariner)
10 - The Flower That Shattered The Stone (John Jarvis & Joe Henry)

Produced by Jimmy Bowen for Lynwood Productions & Steve Wariner
Digitally Recorded at Soundstage
Recorded by Tim Kish & Ron Treat
Overdubs Recorded by Willie Paver, Bob Bullock, Tim Kish & Mark J. Coddington at Soundstage, Eleven Eleven Sound & Masterfonics
Mixed by John Guess & Bob Bullock at Soundstage Studios
Second Engineers : Russ Martin, Marty Williams, Sheila Mann, Mark J. Coddington & Rodney Good
Mastered by Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics 
Musicians :
Keyboards : John Jarvis
Bass : David Hungate
Drums : Rick Marotta
Acoustic Guitar : Mac McAnally, Billy Joe Walker Jr. & Steve Wariner
Electric Guitar : Billy Joe Walker Jr. & Steve Wariner
Steel Guitar : Allyn Love
Fiddle : Mark O'Connor
Mandolin : Carl Jackson
Percussion : Farrell Morris & Mac McAnally
Strawberry Pie : Rick Stephenson
Background vocals : George Grantham, Bill LaBounty, Mac McAnally, Terry Wariner & Steve Wariner