Benny Hester "Through The Window" (1987) -CCM / AOR-

Label : Myrrh Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Underground River (Benny Hester & John Parenti)
02 - Cat (Benny Hester & Rick Thompson)
03 - It’s Over Love (Steve Krikorian)
04 - Remember Me (Benny Hester & John Parenti)
05 - The More I Enter In (Benny Hester, Niles Borop & Dan Posthuma)
06 - Wonderful Invention Of Love (Steve Chapman)
07 - Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again (Benny Hester, Dan Posthuma & Steve Lorenz)
08 - In Visible Silence (Benny Hester)
09 - Long Lost Heaven (Benny Hester, John Parenti & Dan Posthuma)
10 - This Is Me (Benny Hester & Brad Burkhart)

Produced by Dan Posthuma
Executive Producer : Brad Burkhart
Recorded at The Music Grinder, Pakaderm & Cook Studios
Mixed at Conway Studios
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Master Disc, New York
Engineered & Mixed by Csaba Petocz
Overdub Engineers : Peter Chaikin, Mike Mierau, Richard McKenn
Assisted by Paul Abajian
Arranged by Dann Huff, Randy Kerber & Jeff Lams
Drums : Carlos Vega
Bass : Dennis Belfield
Guitars : Dann Huff
Keyboards : Randy Kerber, Alan Pasqua, James Raymond & Tim Heinz
Percussion : Michael Fisher
Sax on "Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again" : David Hlebo
Background vocals : Bill Batstone, John Elefante, Kurt Howell & Dan Posthuma
Featured Vocal on Remember Me : Julie Miller