Millions Like Us "...Millions Like Us" (1987) -Soft Rock / Adult Contemporary-

Label : Virgin Records / Circa Records

Drapeau du Royaume-Uni 01 - In Love With Yourself (Millions Like Us)
02 - Guaranteed For Life (Millions Like Us)
03 - Beautiful Enemy (Millions Like Us)
04 - Waiting For The Right Time (Millions Like Us)
05 - What You Want Is What You Get** (Millions Like Us)
06 - Heartbroken Man (Millions Like Us)
07 - Million Voices (Millions Like Us)
08 - Heart To Heart* (Millions Like Us)
09 - Ideal World* (Millions Like Us)
10 - Chain (Millions Like Us)
11 - Heaven And The Sky** (Millions Like Us)

Produced by David 'Hawk' Wolinski for Deep Sky Productions Inc. & Millions Like Us
Except :
*Produced by David 'Hawk' Wolinski for Deep Sky Productions Inc., Millions Like Us & Bill Bottrell
**Produced by Millions Like Us & Bill Bottrell
Mixed by Bill Bottrell at The Townhouse & Thanks to Noel Harris
Engineered by Ray Blair, Graham Dickson & Nick Rogers
Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering
All Songs Written & Musically Arranged by Millions Like Us
John O'Kane : Vocals
Jeep : Guitars, Keyboards & Steinberg Sequencing
Special Thanks to : Denny Fongheiser, Fred Maher, John 'JR' Robinson, Nick Davies, David Foster, Abraham Laboriel, John Mamby, Robin Jones, Joe Lala, Mel Collins, Sam Bergiliter, Alfie Silas, Debbie Smith, Marietta Waters, The Girls at Virgin L.A., Jane in London & Steinberg Research
Guidance & Assistance : Circa Records Ltd., London & Virgin Records, Los Angeles