Tim Moore "Tim Moore" (1974) -Folk Rock / Soft Rock-

Label : Asylum Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - A Fool Like You (Tim Moore)
02 - Second Avenue (Tim Moore)
03 - Charmer (Tim Moore)
04 - Sister Lilac (Tim Moore)
05 - High Feeling (Tim Moore)
06 - I Can Almost See The Light (Tim Moore)
07 - Love Enough (Tim Moore)
08 - Aviation Man (Tim Moore)
09 - When You Close Your Eyes (Tim Moore)
10 - I'll Be Your Time (Tim Moore)

Produced & Engineered by Nick Jameson for Source Productions, Inc.
String Arrangements by Tom Sellers
Tim Moore : All Keyboards, Guitars, Bass & Vocals
With :
Russ Kunkel : Drums on "Fool Like You" & "Love Enough"
Tom Sellers : Bass on "Fool Like You" & "Love Enough"
Roy Markowitz : Drums on "Charmer", "When You Close Your Eyes", "I'll Be Your Time" & "High Feeling"
Nick Jameson : Drums on "Aviation Man"
Bernard Purdie : Drums on "I Can Almost See The Light"
Stephen Gelfand : Bass on "Charmer"
Howard Johnson : Bari Sax on "Charmer"
Bill McCord : Drums on "Second Avenue"
Lloyd Hamon Donnelly : Bass on "Second Avenue"
Background vocals by Andy Robinson, Arin Dickens, Annie Sutton & Tim Moore
Recorded at Connecticut Recording Studios, Bearsville Studios & Sunset Sound Recorders
Strings Recorded at United Studios & Engineered by Joe Sidore
"Second Avenue" Engineered by Nick Jameson & Mike Leary
Mastering Engineer : Bob Ludwig for Sterling Sound
Mixed at Bearsville Studios