Phyllis St. James "Ain't No Turnin' Back" (1984) -Westcoast Soul-

Label : Motown Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Candlelight Afternoon (Phyllis St. James)
02 - Ain't No Turnin' Back (Phyllis St. James)
03 - Ruler Of The Hunt (Phyllis St. James)
04 - Phonemate (Phyllis St. James & Velton Ray Bunch)
05 - This Time (Benny Medino, Kerry Ashby & John Bokowski - Additional Lyrics by Phyllis St. James)
06 - If You Believe (Kathy Parente & Jan Garfinkle - Lyric Adaptation by Phyllis St. James)
07 - Livin' On The Border (Phyllis St. James)
08 - Sweet Rhythm (Kerry Ashby, Curtis A. Nolen & Angelo Bond)
09 - Back In The Race (Phyllis St. James)

Produced by Velton Ray Bunch
Executive Producers : Benny Medina & Kerry Ashby
Arrangements by Velton Ray Bunch & Phyllis St. James
Vocal Arrangements & Album by Phyllis St. James
String Arrangements by Velton Ray Bunch on "This Time" & "Back In The Race"
Horn Arrangements by Benjamin Wright on "Sweet Rhythm"

Musicians :
Drums : Tony St. James, Ricky Lawson & Michael White
Simmons : Billy Thomas
Additional Drum Program (DMX, Linn) : Tony St. James & Velton Ray Bunch
Bass : James Jamerson Jr., Cornelius Mims, Gerald Albright, Freddie Washington & Marty Tryon
Guitars : Ray Fuller, Gordon Banks, Steve Watson, David Williams & Charles Fearing
Guitar Solo : Steve Watson on "Ruler Of The Hunt" & "Livin' On The Border"
Acoustic Piano : John Bokowski & William Bryant II
Rhodes : Velton Ray Bunch & John Bokowski
Lyricon Solo : Richard Elliott on "If You Believe"
Synthesizers : William Bryant II, Bill Cuomo & Pete Robinson
Synthesizer Solo : Bill Cuomo on "This Time"
Additional Synthesizer Parts : Bruce Frazier & Wayne Vaughn
Fairlight : Rhett Lawrence
Percussion : Paulinho Da Costa, Luis Conte & Phyllis St. James

Background Vocalists :
Linda McCrary, Kristle Murden, Alfie Silas, Maxi Anderson, Lisa Roberts, Billie Barnum, Howard Smith, Geoff Koch, Billy Thomas, Tommy Funderburk & Phyllis St. James
Voice on "Phonemate" : Velton Ray Bunch
Portuguese Translation by Arice DaCosta on "Sweet Rhythm"
Additional Background Vocal Arrangements by Andraé Crouch & Linda McCrary on "Back In The Race"

Recording Engineers : Doug Rider, Warren Dewey & Jeffers Dodge
Mixing Engineer : Doug Rider
Recorded in California at :
Weddington Studios, North Hollywood
Assistant Engineers : Mike Ross, Wally Grant & Tim Robertsad
Mad Hatter, Los Angeles
Assistant Engineers : Richard McKernan, Gary Wagner & Jeff Vaughn
Motown/Hitsville U.S.A. Recording Studios, Hollywood
Assistant Engineers : Ralph Sutton & Fred Law
Ocean Way, Hollywood
Assistant Engineer : Steve Crimmel
Present Time Recorders, Hollywood
Engineer : Bob Wurster
Westlake Audio, Hollywood
Assistant Engineer : Rick Butz
Mastered at K-Disc Mastering, Hollywood, California
Production Assistant : Brenda White