Kathy Troccoli ‎"Portfolio" (1987) -CCM-

Label : Reunion Records

01 - Holy, Holy (B) (Deborah D. Smith, Michael W. Smith, Debbie Bannister & Brown Bannister)
02 - I Belong To You (B) (James Ward & Mark Gersmehl)
03 - Long Distance Letter (B) (Gary Chapman, Tim Marsh & Keith Thomas)
04 - Once In A Lifetime Love (C) (Gary & Rosemary Dunham, Michael W. Smith)
05 - If Only (A) (Kathy Broccoli & Jack Fowler)
06 - Mighty Lord (B) (Phil Madeira)
07 - Talk It Out (A) (Kathy Troccoli, Phil Naish & Wayne Kirkpatrick)
08 - Dream On (A) Kathy Troccoli, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Phil Naish & Dann Huff)
09 - All I Must Do (C) (Brown Bannister & Michael Blanton)
10 - Stubborn Love (C) (Amy Grant, Gary Chapman, Sloan Towner, Brown Bannister & Michael W. Smith)

Executive Producers : Michael Blanton & Dan Harrell
(A) From The Album "IMAGES"
Produced by Dann Huff & Phil Naish
(B) From The Album "HEART & SOUL"
Produced by Brown Bannister
(C) From The Album "STUBBORN LOVE"
Produced by Brown Bannister