Eddie Rabbitt "Radio Romance" (1982) -Country Pop-

Label : Elektra Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - All My Life, All My Love (Billy Joe Walker Jr., David Malloy, Eddie Rabbitt & Even Stevens)
02 - Bedroom Eyes (Eddie Rabbitt, Even Stevens, David Malloy & Steve Davis)
03 - Good Night For Falling In Love (Eddie Rabbitt, David Malloy & Even Stevens)
04 - Laughing On The Outside (Eddie Rabbitt, David Malloy & Even Stevens)
05 - Our Love Will Survive (Even Stevens, David Malloy, Eddie Rabbitt & Randy McCormick)
06 - Stranger In Your Eyes (Eddie Rabbitt, Even Stevens & David Malloy)
07 - Years After You (Thom Schuyler)
08 - You And I (Frank Myers)
09 - You Can't Run From Love (Eddie Rabbitt, David Malloy & Even Stevens)
10 - You Got Me Now (Even Stevens, Eddie Rabbitt & David Malloy)

Producer : David Malloy, David Malloy Productions, Inc.
Engineers : Brent King, Peter Granet & Joe Bogan
Studios & Engineers :
Sound Stage, Brent King
The Garage, Rocky Schnaars
The Sound Lab, Jim Cotton & Chuck Ainley
Music Mill, Jim Cotton
Remix Studio : Emerald Sound Studio
Remix Engineer : Joe Bogan
Assistant Engineer : Russ Martin
Production Coordinator : John Farris, David Malloy Productions, Inc.
Mastered at Masterfonics by Glenn Meadows

Musicians :
Guitar/Acoustic : Eddie Rabbitt
Lead : Billy Joe Walker Jr. & Larry Byrom
Bass : David Hungate & Joe Chemay
Drums & Percussion : James Stroud
Keyboard & Synthesizer Strings : Randy McCormick
Steel Guitar : Anthony Crawford
String Arrangements : Larry Cansler
Synthesizer : Shane Keister

Lead vocals & Harmonies : Eddie Rabbitt
Additional Vocal on "You And I" : Crystal Gayle
Background Singers on "Years After You" : Denny Henson, Rick Palombi & David Malloy