Gordon Jensen "Fighting The Fight" (1984) -CCM-

Label : DaySpring Records

Drapeau du Canada 01 - Fighting The Fight (Gordon Jensen)
02 - I've Chosen The One (Gordon Jensen)
03 - Believing Becomes My Victory (Gordon Jensen)
04 - Joy In The Journey (Gordon Jensen)
05 - Grace Upon Grace (Gordon Jensen)
06 - Only Homesick People Know (Gordon Jensen & Neal Joseph)
07 - In The Beauty Of Holiness (Gordon Jensen)
08 - I'll Be There Believing (Gordon Jensen)
09 - When The Carpenter Came (Niles Borop & Hunter Moore)
10 - Only One Name Comes To Mind (Gordon Jensen)

Produced by Neal Joseph
Tracks Recorded at The Treasure Isle, Nashville, TN
Engineer : Scott Hendricks
Overdubs at :
Acorn Recording, Hendersonville, TN
Engineer : Jeff Balding
Hummingbird Studio, Nashville, TN
Engineers : Lynn Fuston & Jeff Balding
Mixed at Acorn Recording, Hendersonville, TN
Engineer : Scott Hendricks
Mastered by Hank Williams at Master Mix, Nashville, TN
Musicians :
Keyboards : Dave Huntsinger, Mitch Humphries & David Innis
Bass : Mike Brignardello & Duncan Mullins
Acoustic & Electric Guitars : Brent Rowan, Jon Goin & Greg Jennings
Gut String Acoustic : Billy Crockett
Drums : Dennis Holt
Percussion & Harmonica : Terry McMillan
Steel Guitar : Sonny Garrish
Background vocals : Melodie Tunney, Beverly Darnall, Rick Gibson, Neal Joseph, Gary Pigg & Dave Durham
The Pinebrook Strings Arranged by Don Hart & Alan Moore
Duet Vocal on "I'll e There Believing" by Candy Hemphill