Amber DiLena "Amber" (1981) -Westcoast Rock-

Label : MCA Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Ready Or Not (Jack Keller & Amber DiLena)
02 - Dancin' To Our Song (In Someone Else's Arms) (Jack Keller & Amber DiLena)
03 - You Can Trust My Love (Jack Keller & Amber DiLena)
04 - Pure Love (Jack Keller & Amber DiLena)
05 - What Took You So Long (Jack Keller & Amber DiLena)
06 - Baby Talk To Me (Jack Keller & Amber DiLena)
07 - All The Love I Had In Me (Jack Keller & Amber DiLena)
08 - If It's Not You (Jack Keller & Amber DiLena)

Produced by Jack Keller for Arthur Mogull, Inc.
Arranged & Conducted by Bruce Miller
Engineers : Doug Rider, Humberto Gatica, Dennis Sands, Steve Williams, Rick Wilson, Neil Pedinoff & David Leonard
Mix-Down Engineer : Humberto Gatica
Mastered at A&M Studios with Bernie Grundman
Recorded & Mixed at The Sound Factory, Silvery Moon Studios, Groupe IV Studios, Alivity Studios, Sunset Sound & Davlen Studios
Musicians Contracted by George Annis
Horns : Terry Harrington, William Green, Robert Payne, Larry Hall, Walter Johnson & Phillip Steele
Strings : Don Palmer, Concert Master
All Keyboards & Synthesizers : Mike Lang
Guitars : Paul Jackson Jr., Tim May, Lee Ritenour & Mitch Holder
Drums : Mike Baird, Ed Greene & Steve Schaeffer
Bass : Abraham Laboriel & Nathan East
Percussion : Bobbye Hall & Paulinho Da Costa
Vibes & Tympani : Victor Feldman
Harp : Gayle Levant
Background vocals : Oren Waters, Maxine Willard Waters, Julia Tillman Waters, Luther Waters & Bill Champlin
Tenor Solo on "Dancin' To Our Song (In Someone Else's Arms)" by Terry Harrington
Flugelhorn Solo on "All The Love I Had In Me" by Chuck Findley
Guitar Solo on "You Can Trust My Love" by Lee Ritenour