Hot "Strong Together" (1979) -Pop Soul / Soft Rock-

Label : Big Tree Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Taking My Love For Granted (Eddie Brown & Jeff Labes)
02 - Slippin' Up Slippin' Around (Barbara Wyrick & Terry Woodford)
03 - One Man's Woman (Barbara Wyrick & Tom Brasfield)
04 - If That's What Love Is All About (Gwen Owens & Raphael Stein)
05 - We Can Be Strong (Mac McAnally)
06 - Borrow Me (Cindy Richardson & Ava Aldridge)
07 - If You're A Friend (Juanita Curiel, Chris Montan & Kathy Ornelas)
08 - You've Got To Be Strong (To Be The Other Woman) (Cathy Carson, Gwen Owens & Juanita Curiel)
09 - Take A Little Time Out (Barbara Wyrick & Clayton Ivey)
10 - Gonna Get You Into My Heart (Juanita Curiel, Kathy Ornelas & John Wheelock)
11 - I Don't Wanna Be Around When The Hurt Comes (Gwen Owens)

Produced by Clayton Ivey & Terry Woodford for Wishborne, Inc.
Hot Vocals : Gwen Owens, Cathy Carson & Juanita Curiel
Musicians :
Clayton Ivey : Keyboards
Bob Wray : Bass
Roger Clark : Drums
Roger Hawkins : Syndrums
Larry Byrom, Bill Hinds & Jerry Wallace : Guitars
Mickey Buckins : Percussion
Mel Owens : Percussion on "You've Got To Be Strong (To Be The Other Woman)"
Strings Arranged by Clayton Ivey & Charles Rose, Performed by Shelly Kurland Strings
Horns Arranged by Clayton Ivey & Charles Rose
Charles Rose : Trombone
Harrison Calloway : Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Lloyd Barry : Trumpet
Ronnie Eades : Baritone Sax
Harvey Thompson : Tenor Sax
Recorded & Mixed at Wishbone Recording Studio, Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Engineers : Terry Woodford, Leslie King, Ron Lagerlof & Mary Beth McLemore
Re-mix Engineer : Leslie King
All Songs Recorded at Woodland Sound Studio, Nashville, Tennessee
Engineer : David McKinley
Assistant Engineer : Danny Hilley