Prodigal "Prodigal" (1982) -CCM / AOR-

Label : Heartland Records Co.

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Invisible Man (Loyd Boldman & Rick Fields)
02 - Easy Street (Loyd Boldman, Rick Fields & Dave Workman)
03 - Fire With Fire (Loyd Boldman)
04 - Sleppwalker (Loyd Boldman)
05 - Want You Back Again (Loyd Boldman)
06 - Prodigal (Rick Fields)
07 - I Don't Know Who You Are (Loyd Boldman)
08 - Need Somebody To Love (Loyd Boldman)
09 - Busy Man (Dave Workman)
10 - Hard Bargain (Loyd Boldman & Rick Fields)
11 - Prodigal (Part Two) (Rick Fields)
12 - Sidewinder (Loyd Boldman)

Produced by Jon Phelps
Arranged by Prodigal
Location recording done with the amazing 24 track Full Sail Dream Machine at the following locations :
Ocoee Civic Center (Ocoee, Fla.)
Jon's Living Room (Winter Park, Fla.)
The Warehouse Next to Anthony's Mushrooms (Altamonte Srings, Fla.)
The Potter's Wheel (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Other Recording done at the following locations :
Bee Jay Recording Studios (Orlando, Fla.)
Fift Floor Recording (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Gettings Productions (Orlando, Fla.)
Young'n Sound (Nashville, Tenn.)
Demos Recorded at Matchbox Studios (Erlanger, Ky.)
Crowd response on "Invisible Man" recorded live March 20, 1982 at the Southeast Regional FCCM Convention in Jacksonville, Fla. Esther was there
Engineered by Greg McNeily & Gary Platt
Mixed by Gary Platt at Fifth Floor Recording Studios except for "Hard Bargain" by Andy deGanahl at Bee Jay Recording Studio
Additional Engineering by Andy deGanahl, Dana Cornock & Paul Thompson
Assisting Engineers ; Paul Thompson & Steve Moller
Mastered at JVC Cutting Center by Ron Lewster

Prodigal :

Rick Fields : Vocals & Guitars
Mike Wilson : Bass Guitar
Dave Workman : Vocals, Drums & Percussion
Lloyd Boldman : Vocals & Keyboards

Additional musicians :

Lloyd Boldman & Rick Fields Recorded "I Don't Know Who You Are", "Hard Bargain" & "Want You Back Again" at Bee Jay Recording Studios in July, 1980
The Players :
Shane Keister : Keyboards
Jon Goin : Guitars
David Kemper : Drums
Jack Williams : Bass
Farrell Morris : Percussion
Also part of the sideshow...
John Blake : Acoustic Guitar on "Fire With Fire"
Jim Hettinger : Synthesizer Programming
David Philbrick : Soprano Sax on "Want You Back Again"
Turley Richards : Background vocals on "Want You Back Again" & "Hard Bargain"

01 - Invisible Man

Lead vocal : Loyd Boldman

02 - Easy Street

Lead vocals : Rick Fields, Loyd Boldman & Dave Workman

03 - Fire With Fire

Lead vocals : Rick Fields & Loyd Boldman

04 - Sleppwalker

Lead vocal : Loyd Boldman

05 - Want You Back Again

Lead vocal : Rick Fields

06 - Prodigal

Lead vocal : Rick Fields

07 - I Don't Know Who You Are

Lead vocal : Loyd Boldman

08 - Need Somebody To Love

Lead vocal : Loyd Boldman

09 - Busy Man

Lead vocals : Dave Workman & Lloyd Boldman

10 - Hard Bargain

Lead vocal : Rick Fields

11 - Prodigal (Part Two)

Lead vocal : Rick Fields

12 - Sidewinder
Lead vocal : Loyd Boldman