Debby Boone "Surrender" (1983) -CCM-

 Label : Lamb & Lion Records / Curb Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - O Come All Ye Faithful (Est. Of Richard Mullins)
02 - Keep The Flame Burning (David Baroni & Carol Connie Nelson)
03 - Can You Reach My Friend (Billy Sprague & Jim Weber)
04 - Lift Him Up (Russ Hollingsworth Minist & John Rosasco)
05 - Wounded Soldier (Dony McGuire & Reba Rambo)
06 - Surrender (Bill Purse & Claire Cloninger)
07 - Keep Rollin' On (Harry Browning)
08 - Find A Hurt and Heal It (David Baroni & Niles Borop)
09 - O Holy One (Marty Goetz)
10 - Blessing (Pam Mark Hall & Greg Laughery)

Produced by Brown Bannister
Engineered by Jack Joseph Puig
Additional Engineering by Jim Baird, Gene Eichelberger & Brent King
Mastered at The Mastering Lab by Doug Sax
Orchestration by Alan Moore
Horns by The Nashville Contemporary Brass Quintet with Tom MeAninch
Basic Tracks Recorded at Bill Schnee's Studio, North Hollywood, CA
Overdubs Recorded at Mama Jo's, North Hollywood, CA / Bullet Recording, Nashville, TN & Woodland Sound Studios, Nashville, TN
Strings by Martyn Ford
Orchestra Recorded at Air Studios, London
Concertmaster : Gavyn Wright
Woodwinds Recorded at CBS Studios, London
Musicians : 
Debby Boone : Vocals
Phil Driscoll : Duet Vocal
Dean Parks, Fred Tackett & Dann Huff : Guitars
Leland "Lee" Sklar & Nathan East : Bass
Marty Goetz : Piano
Shane Keister : Keyboards & Synthesizers
Robbie Buchanan : Keyboards, Synthesizers & Background vocals
Dony McGuire : Keyboards & Background vocals
Rick Shlosser & Jim Keltner : Drums
Lenny Castro, Farrell Morris & Victor Feldman : Percussion
Richard Green, John Houghton, Brown Bannister & Debbie Bannister : Handclaps  
Sandy Hall, Debbie Hall, Diana DeWitt Hanna, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Carmen Twillie, Reba Rambo, Gary Chapman & Laury Browning: Background vocals