John Eddie "John Eddie" (1986) -AOR-

Label : CBS Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Dream House (John Eddie)
02 - Pretty Little Rebel (John Eddie)
03 - Hide Out (John Eddie)
04 - Just Some Guy (John Eddie)
05 - Please Jodi (John Eddie)
06 - Cool Walk (John Eddie)
07 - Jungle Boy (John Eddie)
08 - Stranded (John Eddie)
09 - Waste Me (John Eddie)
10 - Romance (John Eddie)
11 - Buster (John Eddie)
12 - Living Doll (John Eddie)

Produced by Bill Drescher
Engineered by Bill Drescher
Additional Engineering by Clif Jones
Assistant Engineer : Jay Wieloszynski
Mixed at The Hit Factory by David Thoener except for "Stranded" & "Living Doll" Mixed at Village Recorderd by Bill Drescher
Production & Mixing Assistance by Max Weinberg
Executive Yon Teen : Joe McEwen
Mastered at Sterling Sound by George Marino

The Band :
Joe Sweeney : Guitar, Piano (on "Living Doll)
Max Weinberg : Drums
Phil Chen : Bass
Michael Landau : Guitars
Ian MacLagan : Piano & Organ
Mitchell Froom : Keyboards

Guests :
Nils Lofgren : Lead Guitar (on "Pretty Little Rebel", "Romance", "Just Some Guy" & "Waste Me")
Jeff Silverman : Electric Guitar (on "Hide Out")
David Lindley : Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Dobro (on "Buster")
Greg Phillinganes : Piano (on "Cool Walk")
Michael Fischer : Percussion
The Heart Attack Horns - "Cool Walk"
The Gallo Road Gang : Mike Gallo, Janine Gallo, Pat Maloney, Stephen Sell, Joe Sweeney, Bill Drescher, Randy From The Village - Background vocals & Handclaps (on "Jungle Boy", "Pretty Little Rebel")