Bryan Duncan "Strong Medicine" (1989) -CCM / AOR / Westcoast Rock-

Label : Modern Art Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Let Me Be Broken (Bryan Duncan & Chuck Barth)
02 - Recognize A Lover From A Thief (Bryan Duncan & Chuck Barth)
03 - Stand In My Place (Bryan Duncan & Chuck Barth)
04 - Strong Medicine (Bryan Duncan & Chuck Barth)
05 - Don't Ya Wanna Rap (Bryan Duncan, Chuck Barth & K. Cappello)
06 - Inside Out (Bryan Duncan, Chuck Barth, K. Cappello & B. Savage)
07 - Lies Upon Lies (Bryan Duncan)
08 - Hand It Over (Bryan Duncan & Chuck Barth)
09 - Wonderful (Bryan Duncan & Chuck Barth)

Produced by Larry Brown
Co-Produced by Chuck Barth
Creative Direction by Gary Whitlock & Jim Fitzgerald for Modern Art Producions

Medicine Staff :
Larry Brown : Producer, Engineer & Arrangements
Chuck Barth : Co-Production, Keyboards, Bass, Drums & Percussion, Songwriting, Arrangements, Additional Engineering "The Executioner"
Bryan Duncan : Songwriting, Arrangements, Direction, Album Concept, Keyboards, Oh Yea & Vocals
Brad Duncan : Stunt Double for Bryan, Lyric Contribution on The Rap Tune
Macintosh : Intelligence, Lyrics & Credits Management, Sequencing (Tedium)
Ron Anderson : Voice Maintenance
Bob Carlisle : Vocals & Arrangements on "Recognize A Lover From A Thief", "Inside Out", "Hand It Over", "Stand In My Place", Guitar on "Hand It Over" & "Recognize A Lover"
Mervyn Warren, Mark Kibble & Alvin Chea of Take 6 : Vocals on "Strong Medicine" & "Inside Out"
Mervyn Warren : Vocal Arrangement on "Inside Out"
Kirk Cappello : Keyboards, All Keyboard Solos & Programming on "Inside Out" & The Walking "Rap" Bass
Steve Bailey : String Bass on "Lies"
Stan Behrens : Harmonica on "Wonderful"
John Hobbs : Acoustic Piano on "Strong Medicine"
Glenn Meyerscough : Saxophone Solo on "Strong Medicine", "Lies" & "Stand In My Place"
Karl Denson : Saxophone on "Hand It Over"
Randy Thomas : Guitars on "Inside Out"
Dave Romero : Percussion
Phyllis St. James : Obvious Female Vocals
Edna Wright : Obvious Female Vocals with Phyllis St. James
Billy Savage : Songwriting Credit on "Help Is On The Way" ("Whistlin' In The Dark LP) & "Inside Out"
Jeff Park : Additional Engineering
John Stenstrom : Additional Programming
Recorded & Mixed at 440 Sound Recorders by Larry Brown, Glendale, CA
Mastered by Bernie Grundman