Dakota "Long Road Home" (2015) -AOR-

Label : Dakota

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Long Road Home (Jerry G. Hludzik & Bill Kelly)
02 - Push (Jerry G. Hludzik & Bill Kelly)
03 - Secrets (Frédéric Slama, Jerry G. Hludzik & Bill Kelly)
04 - Remember When (Jerry G. Hludzik)
05 - Heaven Or Hell (Jerry G. Hludzik & Bill Kelly)
06 - You Thew It All Away (Frédéric Slama, Jerry G. Hludzik & Bill Kelly)
07 - All Through The Night (Jerry G. Hludzik & Bill Kelly)
08 - These Eyes (Jerry G. Hludzik & Rick Manwiller)
09 - 1-2-3 Baby Baby (Jerry G. Hludzik)
10 - Jenny At Midnight (Frédéric Slama)
11 - One From The Heart (Jerry G. Hludzik & Rick Manwiller)
12 - Live It Up (Jerry G. Hludzik)
13 - Fall Like A Tear (Jerry G. Hludzik & Ricky Delin)
14 - When The Party Is Over (Jerry G. Hludzik)

Bonus Track

15 - Don't Stop Believin' (Jerry G. Hludzik & Bill Kelly)

Live at Mohegan Sun 2013
Drums : Robbie Spagnoletti
Bass Guitar : Lenny Mecca
Keyboards : Lou Cossa
Sound Engineer : Dave Skoff
Recorded & Mixed by Joe (Wiggy) Wigleski at St Studios in Old Forge, PA
Mastered by Tom Borthwick at St Studios in Old Forge, PA 

Dakota :
Jerry G. Hludzik : Vocals & Guitar
Bill Kelly : Vocals & Guitar
Eli Hludzik : Drums
Jon Lorance : Guitar

Guest Appearances by :
Bill Champlin : Duet with Jerry G. Hludzik on "Remember When"
Ricky Dehlin : Keyboards on "Fall Like A Tear"
Alessandro DelVecchio : Keyboards on "Long Road Home", "Push", "Secrets", "Remember When", "You Thew It All Away", "These Eyes", "Live It Up" & "When The Party Is Over"
Tommy Denander : Guitars on "Push", "Secrets" & "Fall Like A Tear" 
Justus Dobrin : Keyboards on "Heaven Or Hell", "All Through The Night", "1-2-3 Baby Baby" & "Jenny At Midnight"
John "JR" Robinson : Drums on "Push" & "These Eyes"
Danny Seraphine : Drums on "Heaven Or Hell"
Jon Lorance : All Guitars Tracks except "Push" & "Secrets"
Eli Hludzik : All Drum Tracks except "Push", "Heaven Or Hell" & "These Eyes"
Lenny Mecea : All Bass Guitar Tracks
Jon Lorance & Tommy Denander at their best : Trade-off Solo on "You Threw It All Away"
Tom Borthwick : Additional Keyboards
Rick Manwiller : Keyboards on "One From The Heart"
Bill Kelly : Additional Vocal Tracks Recorded at Puxico Studios, Nashville, TN by Tom Hemby