Michael Card "Legacy" (1983) -CCM-

Label : Milk & Honey Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Love Crucified Arose (Michael Card)
02 - Now That I've Held Him In In My Arms (Michael Card)
03 - The Voice Of The Child (Michael Card)
04 - This Must Be The Lamb (Michael Card)
05 - Dragonslayer (Michael Card)
06 - Abba Father (Michael Card & John W. Thompson)
07 - El Shaddai (Michael Card & John W. Thompson)
08 - God Will Provide A Lamb (Michael Card)
09 - Livin' We Die (Michael Card, John W. Thompson & Randy Scruggs)
10 - Teel The World That Jesus Loves You (Michael Card & Randy Scruggs)

Produced by Randy Scruggs & John W. Thompson for Thompson/Scruggs Production Company
Executive Producer : Phil Brower
Engineered by Tom Brown, Randy Scruggs & John W. Thompson
Mastered by Glen Meadows at Masterfonics

Musicians :
Lead vocals : Michael Card
Background vocals : Michael Card, Bonnie Gallie & Pam Wolfe
Lead Electric, Acoustic & 12 String Guitar : Randy Scruggs
Acoustic & Classical Guitar : Michael Card
Piano & Rhodes : John W. Thompson
Piano, Keyboards, Rhodes, CP70, Organ & Synthesizers : Gene Sisk
Bass : Paul Urich
Drums : Clyde Brooks
Banjo : Earl Scruggs
Mandolin : John McEuen
Percussion : Farrell Morris
Harp : Cindy Reynolds
*String Quartet : The Nashville A Strings
Large String Section : The Nashville String Machine
Kids : Jaime & Jesse Scruggs, Brian, Joanna & Kristi Durham, Sarah Mason, Mark Hornsby, Joshua McCollum, Jennifer & Christina Hudson, Susan Hunter, Beth Howell, Daniel Card, Josh Johnson, Matthew & Jessica Thompson, J. Wes Yoder, Lindsey Scruggs & Baby Bear
Arrangements for String Quartet / "Now That I've Held Him In In My Arms", "El Shaddai" & "God Will Provide A Lamb" : Gene Sisk
Orchestral Arrangements / "Love Crucified Arose", "The Voice Of The Child", "Dragonslayer" & "This Must Be The Lamb" : Don Wyrtzen
*String Quartet : Connie McCallister, Ted Madsen, Jim Grosjean & John Catchings