Stephanie Boosahda "Fearless To Follow" (1984) -CCM-

Label : Milk & Honey Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Who Do You Say That I Am? (Stephanie Boosahda & David Stearman)
02 - Signs And Wonders (Stephanie Boosahda & David Stearman)
03 - Fearless To Follow (Stephanie Boosahda & David Stearman)
04 - I Will Rejoice In Him (Stephanie Boosahda)
05 - How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place (Stephanie Boosahda & Psalm 84)
06 - Bless The Lord, O My Soul (Stephanie Boosahda & Psalm 103)
07 - He Will Not Let You Fall (Bill Batstone & Psalm 121)
08 - On The Crest Of A Wave (Stephanie Boosahda, David Stearman & Larry Stockstill)
09 - A Child Is Born (Stephanie Boosahda & David Stearman)

Produced by Greg Nelson
Production Assistance by Stephanie Boosahda, Wayne Boosahda & Ed Seay 
Executive Producer : Michael DeMonico
Assistant to The Producer : John G. Elliott
Engineered & Mixed by Ed Seay
Engineer Assistance by Tom Harding
Mastering Engineer : Benny Quinn
Basic Track Arrangements by Stephanie Boosahda, David Stearman, Greg Nelson, John Elliot & Shane Keister
Keyboards : Shane Keister
Additional Keyboard : Keith Thomas & Phil Naish
Bass : Mike Brignardello
Guitar : Jon Goin
Drums : Larrie Londin & Mark Hammond
Percussion : Farrell Morris & Terry McMillan
String Arrangements : Alan Moore
Strings : Nashville String Machine, Carl Gorodetzky
Background vocals : Melodie Tunney, Marty McCall, Bonnie Keen & Jackie Cusic
Members of Christ Church Choir : Jeri Cagle, Vickie Carswell, John Dyson, Joy Gardner, Marlys Kroon, McLauren Pearman, David Sasser, Rick Stewart, Jonda Valentine, Danny Vaughn, Janet Vaughn & Christy Walker
Recorded at Treasure Isle, Nashville, Tennessee