Harry Browning & Laury Boone "Push Back The Darkness" (1984) -CCM / Westcoast Rock-

Label : Lamb & Lion Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Push Back The Darkness (Harry Browning & Roby Duke)
02 - Worthy Is The Lamb Of God (Harry Browning)
03 - Spirit & Life (Tom Hemby, Harry Browning & C.G. Puig)
04 - That's Why He Came (B. North & Harry Browning)
05 - Make Me A Vessel (David Baroni & D. Goins)
06 - Help Me Put In Your Hands (Harry Browning)
07 - When I Run To You (Roby Duke)
08 - Let Your First Thought Be Love (Dann Huff, Mark Gersmehl & Billy Smiley)
09 - Give Your Love (T. Hosman)
10 - In Time (Harry Browning)

Produced & Arranged by Roby Duke
Associate Producer : Harry Browning

Bass : Leland "Lee" Sklar
Drums : Mike Baird
*Drums : Jack Kelly
Electric & Acoustic Guitar : Dann Huff
Slide & Electric Guitars : Rick Vito
Electric & Acoustic Piano : Harlan Rogers
Synthesizer : John Andrew Schreiner
Saxophone : Brandon Fields
Percussion : Alex MacDougall
Additional Synthesizer : Roby Duke

*"Push Back The Darkness", "Help Me Put In Your Hands" & "Give Your Love"

Background vocals by Harry Browning & Laury Boone except on "When I Run To You" by Debby Boone

Solos :
"Push Back The Darkness" & "Worthy Is The Lamb Of God" : Dann Huff
"Spirit & Life" : John Andrew Schreiner & Dann Huff
"That's Why He Name" : Rick Vito
"Help Me Put In Your Hands", "When I Run To You" & "Give Your Love" : Brandon Fields
"Let Your First Thought Be Love" : Dann Huff & Rick Vito

Recorded & Mixed at Mama Jo's, North Hollywood, CA
Basic Tracks Recorded by Win Kutz
Overdubs Recorded by Steve Ford
Mixed by Jack Joseph Puig
Mastered by Ron Lewter at Mastering Lab, Los Angeles, CA