Denny Correll "How Will They Know..." (1980) -CCM / Westcoast Rock-

Label : Myrrh Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - New Life In Me (Denny Correll)
02 - He Set Me Free (Denny Correll)
03 - Jesus That They Need (Walt Mills)
04 - All To Him (Denny Correll)
05 - How Will They Know (Denny Correll)
06 - More Of You (Denny Correll)
07 - Never Be The Same (Denny Correll)
08 - Where Would I Be (Denny Correll)
09 - Stumbling Blocks (Denny Correll)
10 - He Loves You (Denny Correll)

Arranged by Larry Muhoberac
Produced by Skip Konte
Engineered by Willie Harlan
Scott Pain - "Never Be The Same"
Mixed by Willie Harlan
Mastered by Richard Donaldson
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at I.A.M., Irvine, California

Musicians :
Denny Correll : Lead vocals
John Mehler : Drums
George Marinelli : Guitar
Eric Turner : Lead Guitar ("Never Be The Same" & "Jesus That They Need")
Harlan Rogers : Keyboards
Tim Correll : Background vocals

Horns : Dick "Slyde" Hyde, Morris E. Repass, Jack B. Redmond, Stephen Hooks, William C. Baker, James Atkinson, Jeff DeRosa, Brian O'Conner, Marilyn L. Robinson, Robert H. Findley, Dalton Smith & Dennis Christianson
Strings : James Getzoff, Murray Adler, Joy Lyle, Henry L. Roth, Harris Goldman, Mary D. Lundquist, Alfred C. Breuning, Raymond J. Kelley, Samuel Boghossian, Jerome J. Reisler, Norman Carr, Gail Earn & Igor Horoshevsky