Blue Magic "Blue Magic" (1974) -Smooth Soul-

Label : Atlantc Recording Corporation

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Sideshow (Bobby Eli & Vinnie Barrett)
02 - Look Me Up (Norman Harris & Al Felder)
03 - What's Come Over Me (Ted Mills)
04 - Just Don't Want To Be Lonely (Bobby Eli & Vinnie Barrett)
05 - Stop To Start (Jimmy Grant & Al Felder)
06 - Welcome To The Club (Norman Harris & Al Felder)
07 - Spell (Ted Mills)
08 - Answer To My Prayer (Norman Harris & Al Felder)
09 - Tear It Down (Norman Harris & Al Felder)

Bonus Tracks

10 - Guess Who (Ted Mills)

Release as B-side of ATCO 45-6910 "Spell" 

11 - Where Have You Been (Ted Mills & Al Felder)

Release as B-side of ATCO Single 45-6949 "Stop To Start"

12 - Look Me Up (Norman Harris & Al Felder)

Release as Atlantic Album SD18158 "Disco-Trek"

All Selections Arranged by Norman Harris with the exception of "Look Me Up", "Just Don't Want To Be Lonely" & "Answer To My Prayer" which were arranged by Vince Montana
Background vocals Arranged by W.M.O.T. Productions, Inc. & Six Strings Music with the exceptions of "Stop To Start", "Welcome To The Club", "Answer To My Prayer" & "Tear It Down" which were arranged by Carl Helm
Recorded & Re-mixed at Sigma Sound Recording Studios, Philadelphia, Pa
Recording Engineers : Joe Tarsia, Kenny Present, Don Murray, Jay Mark & Carl Parualo
Re-mixed by Norman Harris & W.M.O.T. Productions, Inc.
Mastered at Frankfort Wayne Recording Labs, Philadelphia, Pa
All Selections Produced by Norman Harris for W.M.O.T. Productions, Inc. except "Just Don't Want To Be Lonely" Produced by Alan Rubens & Steve Bernstein
Executive Producer : W.M.O.T. Productions, Inc. - Steve Bernstein, Alan Rubens & Bruce Gable 

Blue Magic :
Vernon Sawyer : Vocals
Richard Pratt : Vocals
Wendell Sawyer : Vocals
Keith Beaton : Vocals
Ted Mills : Vocals

Musicians :
Guitars : Bobby Eli, Norman Harris, Ted Cohen & Roland Chambers
Pianos : Ted Mills, Ron Kersey & Cotton Kent
Basses : Ronnie Baker, Jimmy Grant, Lee Smith & Jimmy DeJulio
Drums : Earl Young & Larry James
Percussion : Larry Washington
Vibes : Vince Montana
Accompanied by Don Renaldo & His Strings And Horns